Are the NSA programs PRISM and XKeyscore unconstitutional?

Asked by: Risen
  • They Are Over Stepping Their Boundaries

    One would figure, part of being free is living in a country where your leaders are not spying on you, unless you give them reason to. To be listening in on peoples phone calls, looking in on their emails, just because is not part of our constitution. Bottom line is the NSA and PRISM should have reasonable doubt to be able to spy on what they perceive as national security threats.

  • Infringe Upon Freedoms

    These programs infringe upon our freedoms as Americans. The NSA often oversteps its bounds when the agency uses the USA Patriot Act as an excuse to spy on everyone through emails and cell phones. The NSA is super-secret agency that needs to be reigned in by Congress with public hearings and the legislative body should rescind the USA Patriot Act.

  • NSA Programs Unconstitutional

    PRISM and XKeyscore, the two spying programs from the National Security Agency, are both unconstitutional. Whether the courts deem it so is not important because the American people know such spying is unconstitutional. These spying programs are a breach of trust by the American government against the American people today.

  • Yes, they invade privacy.

    Yes, the NSA PRISM and XKeyscore programs are unconstitutional, because they go way too far invading Americans' property and private lives. The constitution was written to protect the citizens of the United States from too much intrusion from the government. The PRISM and XKeyscore programs are almost complete intrusion. They fall short of constitutional protections.

  • 4th Amendment Eviscerated

    The NSA programs Prism and XKeyscore are both unconstitutional because both of the programs completely ignore the 4th Amendment's prohibition against searches and seizures without any individualized suspicion. Those programs record and collect data from every cellular phone call made and every internet site visited by Americans who have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

  • Yes they are unconstitutional.

    Any program that allows the government to track us without our prio knowledge or consent is automatically unconstitutional. We are suppose to be protected and have the right to our own private rights and these two organizations take away those rights, especially since they never even asked the general public if they would be o.k. with it.

  • They violate the Fourth Amendment

    PRISM and its ilk are quite obviously unconstitutional, as they violate the Fourth Amendment, which is our protection against warrentless invasions of our privacy. Anyone trying to argue otherwise simply is ignorant on the US Constitution. The fact that we're even debating this, and that a good chunk of people will say otherwise is just plain scary.

  • Its a gray area

    The NSA programs are part of a legal gray area in general - they have never actually made it to The Supreme Court for them to be decided on, so it can't be said definitively. The basis for the laws were part of a 70s Court decision, so they are technically fine.

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