Are the nuclear ambitions of nations justified by the increasing energy needs of a growing population?

  • Nuclear ambition is justified.

    Using nuclear technology in order to satiate the energy needs of a grow population is a justifiable reason for developing nuclear technologies. I think that a country can totally justify the implementation of nuclear research and development if their populace truly needs it to keep progressing into the future energy wise.

  • Nuclear Energy Is Good

    I believe the nuclear ambitions of nations is justified by the increasing need for energy, especially for those countries with large or growing populations. The only problem with nuclear power is the fact that it needs to be carefully monitored and safe from attack or potential deterioration, to the facilities. This can make nuclear power plants very dangerous to countries who can't maintain peace and security, especially where the power plant is placed.

  • Yes, that's the presenting reason.

    Why more and more countries want to have nuclear power is debatable, but what we will all say is that we need a new source of energy, which is why it is hard to deny that right to any one nation. But it is often a case of needing cover to develop nuclear weapons.

  • Programs Must be Monitored

    Every nation has the right to peaceably produce nuclear power. There must be safety limits in place to ensure hardline regimes don't get a hold of materials that can be used for bombs. Nuclear energy must be one way to ensure the energy needs of humans because it has no carbon emissions and helps developing nations become more prosperous. The road to nuclear energy is simple--there are plenty of companies in the world that can build reactors. Hire them to produce the power plants and then have a United Nations force in place to secure the premises to prevent hijacking fissionable material. Until fusion reactors become mainstream, nuclear fission reactors should be a part of a developing country's power.

  • Nuclear Power Necessary for Growing Populations

    Coal-fired power plants are not viable options anymore. Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy took care of that. To fight global warming and to have viable sources of energy for the next century, more and more nuclear reactors must be constructed. Developing countries deserve stable power just as much as modern nations as long as programs are carried out safely.

  • Yes, nuclear is a great solution for a growing population and fighting climate change

    Renewables are good but the problem is they take up too much space and don't nearly produce as much as nuclear. Also our projected worldwide demand for energy will go up 50% by 2030 and nuclear technology should be pursued by nations as the most ideal solution for their growing countries and saving the environment. Newer technologies, if researched and permitted, can also be used by other countries to make an already great form of energy more efficient and less wasteful than it already is.

  • Nuclear Ambitions of Countries Misguided

    Most countries shouldn't even attempt to harness nuclear energy. While nuclear energy can be used to meet increasing demand, many countries inevitably turn to developing nuclear weapons. Without a doubt, we shouldn't produce more nuclear weapons. Keeping track of who has what isn't easy and will inevitably become too challenging.

  • The nuclear ambitions of nations are not justified by the increasing energy needs of a growing population.

    It is clear that many nations are disguising their ambitions for nuclear weapons at attempts to build nuclear power plants. We should not let any other countries develop nuclear weapons because it could lead to another arms race. Also, countries could sell their weapons to terrorists or terrorists could seal them.

  • Can We Believe What We Do Not See?

    No, the nuclear ambitions of nations are not justified by the increasing energy needs of a growing population. If the nuclear ambitions of a nation are justified by the energy needs of their growing population, then that nation would have no problem allowing U.N. inspectors into their country on a regular basis to verify their nuclear plants are being used solely for energy needs.

  • No I don't think nuclear ambitions are justified

    The risks of using it are not worth the rewards. Too many times over the years nuclear power has been the cause of major physical disasters causing many injuries and deaths. There are plenty of other ways we can find energy, ways that are safer and more renewable than nuclear energy is. So no I don't think it's justified at all.

  • No nuclear power, period

    No, the nuclear ambitions of nations are not justified by the increasing energy needs of a growing population. There are plenty of other resources that can be utilized by countries which do not already have nuclear power, as well as those that do. Money spent into the research and implementation of nuclear energy should be put into discovering other energy sources or developing sun, wind or water energy. Nuclear power is not clean or efficient, considering the waste and potential for disaster.

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