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  • Not enough endurance

    The Oklahoma City Thunder are not going to reach the NBA finals, because the team doesn't have enough endurance in the second half. They need to work on their physical abilities and play smart, not harder. There are too many other powerful teams that are hungry at this point for the Thunder to have a chance.

  • The Oklahoma City Thunder's window has closed

    In the Durant-Westbrook era, the Oklahoma City Thunder have always been a title contender. However, I believe their window has closed. The supporting cast is not living up to expectations, and Durant and Westbrook cannot do it by themselves. Also, other teams in the West have vastly improved. There are too many teams that are just better than the Oklahoma City Thunder.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder not likely to make finals

    The Oklahoma City Thunder seem poised to reach the NBA Finals. The team has All-Star Kevin Durant, but faces up against the Golden State Warriors, who are on a tear. This will prove to be stiff competition, and ultimately too much for the Thunder to overcome. They are also behind the Spurs.

  • It's not a hard answer: NO

    It might stink a little bit for the NBA to have the Eastern/Western set up. But the Thunder are in the West. The Warriors are in the west. The Warriors are on track to have the best regular season record in NBA history. There's just no way we should even be having this conversation. The Warriors got this.

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