Are the Olympic Games a huge waste of money?

Asked by: AlfredPyo
  • The Olympics does not benefit an economy, but hinders development.

    The Beijing Olympic games cost $40 billion dollars. The Sochi Olympic games cost russia $51 billion dollars. Unfortunately, the Olympic games cost tens of billions of dollars. This hinders a country's development, because the money that is wasted delays funds to scientific development. There is also no benefit from the Olympics in return. Therefore, the Olympic games is a waste and should be stopped forever.

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    Posted by: GUAG
  • History of the Olympic games begs to differ.

    The Olympic games are an outlet for national pride in an arguably more peaceful form than nuclear bombing. Besides which point, in argument with AlfredPyo the games cost a lot yes. But they also generate easily more than the cost for companies in the country and out stimulating the global economy. Additionally Olympic games encourage tourism to the country they are held in for years to come. Finally investors help cover a large amount of the cost and ticket sales compensate even further.

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