• ofcourse it is a waste of money!

    all you really need is a track to run a pool to swim a court to hit and a field to ride it doesnt have to big
    cant you just agree with me and give this money to the people who need it and inspiring someone this is like WE ARE SHOWING OFF how much money we can spend

  • Pakistan and Afghanistan practice a pates but still want to kill loads of people.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan are lead by the group of people - the Taliban who smashed the twin towers yet they compete in the Olympics. They destroyed Bali, yet they compete in the Olympics. It doesn't provide friendly competition because their are still wars going on across the world yet almost every country competes even though they create wars. They don't allow friendly competition so I conclude that it is a waste of money because it can't provide friendly competition.

  • of course it is

    It is kind on stupid to have the olympics in the first place. They are a waste of money and very much a waste of time. Who cares if you win a gold medal in swimming or some other sport. That does not prove you are the greatest athlete in the world.

  • There have been times recently when the Olympics have proven their value as a goodwill ambassador. When the Olympics were held in China, it gave the world a great opportunity to focus more attention on a place that needs to change the way it treats its pe

    There have been times recently when the Olympics have proven their value as a goodwill ambassador. When the Olympics were held in China, it gave the world a great opportunity to focus more attention on a place that needs to change the way it treats its people. When North and South Korea marched together in the opening ceremonies of a recent Olympics, it gave the world hope. There are many reasons why the Olympics are not a waste of money, and these are just some.

  • The money can be use for other reasons.

    The millions of dollars used building the facilities of the Olympic games should be used to give to the poor in Africa. Only when all the poor people have enough money to have a healthy lifestyle should we even think of spending millions of dollars building massive facilities that we don't need.

  • There are so many other things we could spend money on!!!

    I understand that there is a strong sentiment which surrounds the Olympic games, and it's not that I have anything against them in and of themselves, but I think the amount of ceremony, media hype, and flare which is used is certainly excessive. Instead of using that money to further lavish the leaders of the globe and create a spectacle, we could be using these resources to SOLVE PROBLEMS!!!!

    Posted by: A Boyd
  • Not the only competition

    The games have put more than one economy in debt; one need not look further than Greece's current state. Also, this is not the only forum for athletes to get together. There is also the pan-am games, the commonwealth games, and the world cup. The billions spent on the Olympics are just thrown away, and could be given to much worthier causes.

  • Olympic games are a waste of money!!!

    Facts clearly state that where ever the Olympics were held; the country had to spend a big sum of money on advancements. A clear example is the recent London 2012 Olympics where Britain earned millions of USD through people who had a craze for watching this game. I mean the making of the movie in which the Queen jumps it had a a cost too, which included graphic designing etc.

  • Yes

    Because what about the poor people in Africa, Why think about money all time. What about people they have feelings (Naduh)
    but why think about money all the time when you can give to poor people instead of Having the money all by yourself when you earn enough already? Seriously what about people?

  • Yes, believe the Olympic Games are a waste of money, this money could be spent on much better things.

    I believe that the Olympic Games are a waste of money because there are more important things that the money used for these events could be spent on. There are starving kids who could eat if the money was given to them instead. There are also natural disasters that could be better controlled if there was more funding for them.

    Posted by: tablefortwo
  • It is not a waste of money.

    It gives people something to cheer for a little spice and fun. It also trying to support their own country. It is a festival for all the people around the world. It is a time when everybody comes together. It helps the government increase their money. The Olympics are definitely not a waste of money.

  • In the same way E3 is a waste of money.

    What most of the people on the "yes" side seem to misunderstand is that the olympics (as well as most sports in general) are a society. A working society that enjoys the watching and playing of sports. And just as nerd culture has E3, and event once a year where video game companies showcase their new games, consoles, & what-not. Just like the olympics, E3 has awards that are given to various games. Best of show for example. So if the olympics are a waste of money, than so is every other event that happens once or twice a year and pertains to one culture.

    (Oscars, comic con, superbowl, Sundance, etc.)

  • Kind of, but it should be only available to countries who follow human rights and etc ...

    I think giving the Olympics to China is bad because it's promoting a country with a terrible human rights record. I think you shouldn't be allowed to compete in the Olympics if your country has a bad human rights record and you shouldn't be allowed to host it if you're too poor!

  • The Olympic Games provide one of the few opportunities for all nations to interact in a constructive, cooperative venue, and so they are definitely not a waste of money.

    War is a waste of money. Poverty is a waste of money. The Olympic Games bring all nations together in an environment of peace, cooperation and controlled, non-violent competition. How could this be a waste of money? And, if we decide not to spend the money on the Olympics, what should we spend it on? More armaments? The Olympic Games originated earlier than 500 years B.C. They were initially contests between neighboring city-states or nations. These city-states were almost continually at war with one another. All wars were suspended during the Olympic Games. One might say that the two purposes of the Olympic Games are to choose champions in various skills and sports, and to suspend wars. The Olympic Games is now a media event. This is not a bad thing. The world gets to see representatives of countries whose names they have only read in geography books, or whose names they have never heard before. The Olympics celebrate the best in humanity. It celebrates our willingness to compete in a spirit of fairness, with nothing deciding the outcome of contests, other than the individual abilities of each participant. It does this on a worldwide basis. This is a good thing.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • The Olympic Games are a waste of an idea, not of money.

    The Olympic Games are not a waste of money, but I see them rapidly becoming a wasteland of money. By "wasteland of money", I mean an entirely commercial spectacle shaped by the needs and demands of corporate sponsors and by the egos running the International Olympic Committee and the various national and games-specific organizing committees. Except for the funds coming from taxpayers supporting the host sites, almost all of the money spent on the Olympics is provided willingly by the sponsors, donors and spectators. One should presume that they don't consider the money to be wasted.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • It is not

    The Olympics are an important part of the world's ancient history you don't just hear of people pulling things out of the history books that would be a disgrace I just can't believe that 53% of these people think that we shouldn't have the Olympics. The Olympics bring peace and togetherness.

  • No, they're not.

    The Olympic Games aren't a waste of money. Even despite their high costs, besides the implementation of new infrastructure for the city, the Games bring intangible benefits and long term profits for their sponsors. New jobs, community integration, educational, political and social benefits, tourism growth and global marketing for the city. We are living a city transformation in Rio the Janeiro at this time and as a 'Carioca' I totally support the Games.

  • The Olympics is the biggest and most widely watched spectacle on earth.

    The Olympics is the biggest and most widely watched spectacle on earth...What could replace it?
    The Olympics unites the world and is an honour for a country to host. Due to the Olympics the host country should see rise in tourism and the economy in the long term. It also motivates and encourages sport within the country.

  • Not a waste of money

    The Olympics are not a waste of money because some people live to be athletic. Without the Olympics they would not be able to compete with other people who LOVE sports. Throughout the wars and world disasters, every two years sport groups can come together not to fight but to compete. So if we use some money on the Olympics we can make people happy and earn more money to pay off the costs. With some extra money earned we can help make more sport opportunity for kids and the less fortunate possible. Thank You!


    I don't know why the people feel that the Olympic is the waste of money and time but actually as per my opinion it's a good thing it helps to countries to come closer or to stop the war as we all know that there is war among the many countries.. So as per me it's a good thing......

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