Are the Olympics the right time for athletes to bring political protests to the world stage?

  • Yes, the Olympics are an opportunity to create global awareness of issues in the world.

    Yes, I believe the Olympics are an appropriate place for athletes to bring important issues to the world stage. Many of the athletes have overcome huge obstacles simply to be at the Olympic games. The IOC has created a team solely of refugee athletes. In the spirit of peace and togetherness, I believe that spectators should be aware of the realities of global politics.

  • The Olympics are the right time for political protests

    The Olympics are the appropriate time and place to bring political protests to the world stage. There is a large audience, and, for many, this is the best chance to express themselves. In many countries, even star athletes are oppressed, which makes speaking out impossible or dangerous. This brings a cause worldwide attention.

  • This is not about PC

    The Olympics is about testing people's skills in sports from around the world and it should focus on that. These games were never about political correctness and it never should. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Focus On What Unites Us - Sports

    When athletes go to the Olympics, they are going for the purpose of competing. They should stick to this purpose. In addition, the Olympics were started to create feelings of goodwill and connectedness between countries. Political protests can tend to divide more than unite. Athletes who perform well at the Olympics will have a built-in bully pulpit for four years and that is what they should use to express their political opinions - not the Olympic arena.

  • No, the Olympics should be a time of unity and harmony with no intrusion from politics.

    Athletes should not use the Olympics as a political platform. These games are an opportunity for athletes and sports people from around the world to join together in friendly competition and to showcase athletic prowess. Politics have no place in this arena where the focus should be on taking part in sporting events.

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