Are the opinions and responses on this site extremely biased?

  • I think it is.

    A lot of the responses to things on here are biased toward the majority of people on the internet rather than anyone. I just looked at the gaming section and it was mostly 100% no or 100% yes. This is very biased in my opinion, especially considering that most of the questions were also the same question.

  • How can they be?

    There are so many people with different views on this website and in the world that there is no such thing as complete bias. The only thing I can find concerning bias is the lack of response to opinion questions such as this one. 100% doesn't mean the site has bias, it just means that a person has put their opinion forward and no one has challenged them on it. Maybe because of poor phrasing of the title or because in some cases the poster doesn't seem debatable.

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