• They are not inclusive.

    They keep foreign films regulated to their own category. Ignore excellent films for those that make money. If you don't have a big studio backing your film you can't get the attention of the academy. All of that fuss about nominations ignoring minorities really didn't do anything. Even the films that have won in recent years can't stand the test of time. What started off as an event to celebrate the best of film has degenerated.

  • I just checked Oscar winning songs. Not great

    There are other better songs, but they chose some of these. Ofcourse they are good. But not great right? I can count of numerous songs better than the Oscar winners. Anyways, I always have a feeling that the judges try to be as specific as possible, but anyways music has got no confined boundaries as to which can be used to judge as good or bad. It's art.

  • Liberal Oscar Awards

    Boring- I don't even recall the hosts of the last few. That's how much of an impression they have made over the last decade. I think people only watch like the first 10 minutes then flip the channel. They should at least donate all the proceeds to charities instead of marketing rich actors.

  • They're objective, how can objective awards be meaningful?

    The oscars were created by Hollywood so that workers wouldn't form trade unions and demand more money (which happened anyway) they only really nominate and award people to make them feel like the business is important (a dog was almost nominated for best actor in 1927) pointless In my opinion.

  • The Oscars are overrated

    The Oscar awards are less about the performances of the film makers and more about the marketing agenda of Hollywood executives. There have been many times when I've personally felt that the winner of the best picture winner wasn't the best picture, or even a good picture. Sometimes deserving films are acknowledged but usually it comes down to marketing savvy.

  • Yes, very much so.

    Yes, I think the Oscar awards are very overrated. There are so many new movies coming out every year that deserve praise and don't receive it. I think the Oscar Awards have become a habit, but don't have any real value anymore. The whole reason for the Oscars now seems to be focused on what everyone's wearing and who they're with. They have lost their original purpose.

  • Who cares anymore.

    Yes, the Oscar awards are overrated, because anymore the movies are not all that special. Anyone can take a video of themselves and put it out there for others to see. The Oscars are the people in the movies sitting there and giving each other awards for being so spectacular. Big deal.

  • Of Course They Are

    I believe the Oscar Awards are overrated. As a person who watches the majority of American films, I am not interested in the Oscars much. I think they are more for the actors, not for the audience who watches. It could be attributed to a banquet for the stars. They're mildly interesting to onlookers, but they mean the world to those who participate.

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