• Patriots have taken a downward spiral.

    I personally feel the Patriots have sealed their own deal in the playoff arena. They have had a bad run this season. The entire New England community may feel different but you cannot make it to the playoffs by being less than spot on. It is how it goes in this sport, like it or not.

  • The patriots will keep fighting

    I think with Tom Brady there beasts and Rob Gronkowski and Stephen Gostkowski the TE and kicker there going all the way.I think that this season they mite not go to the super bowl but they will make the playoffs for sure.Just face it the patriots are going to the playoffs every year Tom is on there team.

  • Patriots and Brady Are Doing Great

    This season, as well as the last couple of years, the Patriots are looking good and playing to win. Although certain changes, retired coach and the like, coincident in latest months the team has won all of its games so far. Of course the great Tom Brady is the Patriots biggest asset and advantage in this victorious season.

  • You neverk know.

    No, I do not believe that the Patriots' playoff days are over, because the Patriots always have a way of pulling it off in the end. They are kind of like the Yankees are to Major League Baseball. Even when their back is up against a wall they somehow find a way to succeed in the playoffs.

  • I Really Doubt It

    The Patriots have always been a strong team and I have my doubts that their playoff days are over. Have they had a bad start to the season? Some would say yes and that happens from time to time. Other teams have been surprised by loses as well. If they don't get it figured out this year, there's always next year.

  • Offensive line woes

    The patriots are still a teal to fear, as with most teams these days. Look the Patriots are showing woes on the offense and the defense has constantly been bad. The biggest problem would have to be the offensive line, who is the worst in the league. Tom Brady is having a hard time throwing to mediocre receivers when he can not wait for them to get open. Once the patriots start coaching the offensive line better we will start seeing Brady and Edelman tear up defenses.

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