• They're great songwriters.

    A lot of people who can't look past their image and style of music overlook the simple fact that they're terrific songwriters. They're still cranking out first-rate melodies and (especially) lyrics after more than 30 years. They've always maintained that they're songwriters first and performers second -- and they're pretty good performers at that.

  • Yes, I believe Pet Shop Boys are good.

    I believe Pet Shop Boys are good musicians. Their career has lasted 25 years. The fact that they are popular in both Britain and the United States is testimony to their success. Their music has also sold worldwide. My favorite song is "West End Girls." It is a great upbeat song, and one good for exercising or dancing to!

  • They are okay

    The Pet Shop Boys are alright. No one can really say whether or not one band is okay or not, because everyone has different styles and tastes in music, so I'd never put one specific musical artist down. Saying that, they actually are pretty good, a lot better than some artists out there.

  • Pet shop boys are decent.

    Pet shop Boys, an English electronic dance group established in 1985, have achieved 42 top 30 singles and 22 top ten hits. They are best known for their single "West End Girls." Twenty eight year later, they are still going strong and they are about to release their twelfth studio album in June of 2013. I wouldn't say they are bad at all, just not very heard anymore. They are pretty decent for their time.

  • Yes, the Pet Shop Boys are pretty good

    Music is incredibly subjective. Critics routinely praise and vilify the same artists, and the fact that the Grammys have a voting process means that even the must talented musicians cannot identify objectively "good music." Are the Pet Shop Boys "good?" They made some enjoyable records, made people happy, and do a nice job on their instruments. That's pretty objectively good.

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