Are the Philadelphia Eagles capable of making the playoffs this upcoming season?

  • I am hopeful

    Now that we're finally rid of Chip Kelly I feel that we actually have a chance at making the playoffs. We had some really good games last year and I know we'll only get better, I'm not just saying this as a Philadelphian but I feel that we can definitely make the playoffs we've seen what can come of this team and we're only gonna improve from there.

  • Philidelphia Eagles Could Make Playoffs

    Anything is possible- look at the Denver Broncos. With hard work, perseverance, and the ideal players drafted, the Philadelphia Eagles could potentially make the playoffs next season. Chase Daniels could make or break the upcoming season, and any other players they decide to keep or trade. The Philadelphia Eagles have a long history in football and great ambition.

  • I think they are capable of making the playoffs

    I think that the Philadelphia Eagles are capable of making the playoffs in the upcoming 2016 season. Though they didn't make the playoffs that past season due to their 7-9 game record, I think they have a chance this year. This they will hopefully actually have a permanent coach the whole season, which will be a huge step up from last season. This year they have also acquired an 8th round daft pick.

  • No, Philadelphia Eagles are not capable of making the playoffs

    The NFC East teams are all about on the same level of play. Therefore, for the Philadelphia Eagles to have a chance at the playoffs in the upcoming season, the team needs a game enhancing change. This change would either come from drafting a player who can spark the teams competitiveness and elevated the level of play. Or this change would come from a change the way the coaches develop and utilize the players they have. Both of these scenarios are unlikely to happen next year for the Eagles.

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