Are the Philadelphia Eagles giving Tim Tebow his last shot at the NFL?

  • Of course he can!

    He is an awesome player and throws really good and is a great quarterback! He was on an amazing team called, The Broncos. They are my favorite team and if they pick him, he must be good! He is a pretty good player that should play again and again! :)

  • Yes, this is Tim Tebow's last shot in the NFL.

    Yes, the Eagles are giving Tim Tebow his final shot in the league. Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college football players ever, but his passing skills are not good enough for the NFL. This is his last shot because he has been stubborn and unwilling to do what it takes to stay in the league, which is playing another position.

  • This is make or break

    At 27 years old without a huge background of success this is absolutely his last chance. He hasn't played in a game in 2 years and couldn't even land as a 3rd stringer somewhere. So if he can't at least land a roster spot in philly it will be his last opportunity at this stage in his life.

  • His Last Chance at Stardom

    Tim Tebow did not impress when he was with the Broncos. He was a decent quarterback and he created a fad (tebowing) but other than becoming a brief pop culture icon, he did little for his team and the sport as a whole. Most quarterbacks who don't produce in the first few years get the boot. This will happen to Tim if he doesn't shine here.

  • No; Tim Tebow can write his won ticket in the NFL

    Tim Tebow is arguably one of the best quarterbacks the National Football League has ever had. The Philadelphia Eagles arguably would be "unhinged" to let Tim Tebow go. However, even if the Eagles did such an arguably nonsensical and absurd act, it is far more likely than not that Mr. Tebow would be picked up by another NFL team forthwith.

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