• They'll make it.

    After Wentz's amazing debut over the weekend, I think that the Eagles could be legitimate playoff contenders this year. I would not have thought that was a possibility before Carson Wentz's performance. This team desperately needed a leader, and Wentz stepped up to show that he's ready to tackle that job.

  • Yes, they are.

    The Philadelphia Eagles have a strong team made up of capable, proven players and have both a solid offense and a solid defense. As long as they continue to dominate on the field the same way they did in both the preseason and in thier first game they have an excellent chance of making it to the playoffs.

  • They have good coaching.

    The Philadelphia Eagles don't play hard, they play smart. Their plays are more complicated and more in depth than the other teams. They are also stronger than other teams. The Eagles are an example of simply being out coached, rather than out played. They make smart decisions and that will bring them to the playoffs.

  • Phillie Eagles don't stand a chance

    The struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles are well-documented. They have failed many times to make it to various sporting competitions. Therefore, I believe that this makes them unlikely contenders for the upcoming playoffs. A team that does this poorly will probably not see success in their future endeavors to achieve athletic greatness.

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