• Yes, I believe that police are corrupt

    I think it's very easy for a position with power, such as a police officer, to become corrupt. I don't think all police officers are corrupt, but I think as a profession, they operate in a type of brotherhood that perpetuates corruption and abuse of power situations and should be scrutinized more by the judicial branch of government.

  • Corruption extends to the police force

    The police are often granted more leeway to do whatever they want: they get off scot-free when they kill unarmed civilians, and they are now allowed to use illegally obtained evidence in the courtroom. This breeds corruption and means that we can no longer safely rely on the police to do what's right.

  • NYS corrupt Officers

    I wouldn’t wish this shit on my worst enemy. Having endured it first-hand; lived through it personally for eleven years, in nine different prisons.

    They’re all the same. Each one run by a different group of corrupt correction officers. Everyday you wake up, wondering; is today my day? Are the correction officers going to choose me? Are they going to set me up with a shank or a “banger”, or some other type of contraband, and fix me up with a new bid; more time to do, ensuring their overpaid babysitting jobs?

    Those are only some of the questions inmates must ask themselves everyday, all day. They’re not even concerned about the other inmates as much as they are about the “correction officers.”

    For more in depth info. On police and correction officers visit:

  • No, I do not think that the police are corrupt.

    No, I do not think that the police are corrupt because it seems that the actions of a few dirty cops taints the image of all police officers. I think that most police officers are good, honest people, but there is a small minority of police officers that are corrupt.

  • No, the police are not corrupt.

    To make a broad statement the police are corrupt is, in my opinion, not even possible. Has anything corrupt ever happened in connection with the police? Sure, probably but as a general rule the police are doing exactly as they are meant to which is keeping the public safe and law-abiding.

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Dilara says2016-06-22T04:47:56.773
Some not all