• Police Are Racist

    If you have watched the movie "The Hate U Give" you will have come to realize that police are racist. In the beginning of the movie Starr and Khalil are at a party. They immediately leave after they hear gunshots. As Khalil and Starr are reminiscing about their childhood Khalil gets pulled over. Starr remembers the talk about the police that her dad gave her when she was younger and followed what her dad had said to do. Starr asks Khalil to do the same but he refuses a couple of times, Then he puts his hands on the dash. Khalil begins to ask why he was pulled over a couple of times and then the police asks him to step out of the car. Khalil opens the door to check on Starr. Starr was rummaging through his things in the floor board to find her phone that the police officer told her to drop. Starr told him to get back in the position that he was in and he just told her to relax. Khalil looked at the things that Starr had piled up on his drivers seat while looking for her phone. He grabbed the hairbrush and stood back up. While the police was checking his ID and making sure everything was OK Khalil started to brush his hair. The police officer looked over and saw the hairbrush in Khalil's hand, Thinking it was a gun, And shot him three times. Starr watches with numb horror as blood sprays out of her friend’s body and he collapses. Starr screams in shock and runs to Khalil’s body, Watching it stiffen as he passes away. The police officer points his gun at Starr, And she puts her hands up. Near the end of the movie Starr asks Uncle Carlos (which is an African American police officer) that if there was a white rich man, Driving a nice car, If he had gotten pulled over and Uncle Carlos saw something that had looked like a gun if he would shoot him or ask him to put his hands up. He said he would tell the man to put his hands up. She also asked the same thing but if it was a black man. He said he would shoot him.

  • Not all of them but they exist

    Would you shoot an armed suspect YES, Would you shoot an unarmed man with no weapon? Depends
    Is he close to you, Are you alone or do you have backup? Is he threating you. All of these are factors you have to consider and many cannot process them quickly.
    What is wrong is when a person willingly fires at an unarmed man when the situation is does not even need a gun.
    There are policemen that only join the police force to kill people. Then is the twisted variant that dislike minorities and wishes to inflict his version of Justice.
    The police department can remove those psychopaths from their ranks but choose to keep them.
    You have some police on social media and you can see their contempt for minorities. Is it any surprise that they are then in court for their behavior.

  • Obvious fucking ly

    Police abuse their power. They operate as if they'd have a skin color chart in which the darker skin tones always get shot. Police r pigs n they all deserve the electric chair bc they know they can murder innocent folks and get away with it bc of their whiteness and position

  • No police are not racist

    Police are not racist. People in the media single out white cops doing something to a black guy the media never fails to make the government look bad. You never see a black cop messing with a white guy because the media doesn't care about white people being arrested they only care when the blacks are arrested and they make it look like the arrested was terrible and brutal well when you are about to get killed you do you whatever it takes and it causes the other media source to get a kick and they take off with these stories like police officers were too aggressive. If your life was on the line or could possibly you would take it seriously you would do anything to protect yourself.

  • Very few are

    Less than 1% of cops are racist, And those who are are terrible and should lose their jobs, But most cops are amazing. The media makes cops look terrible, Even though they have one of the greatest and most dangerous jobs. They protect us, And they are heroes, And we act like they are evil and corrupt. I think it is absurd that we accuse all cops of being associated as evil and racist is a grave sin.

  • They are defending themselves

    I understand that police shoot people and the media goes crazy, Especially when its a white officer on a African American. When they do this 9/10 times (yes there are some that are unjustified) the officer shoots with justification. Whether that be the suspect was armed or the suspect was acting hostile and reached for something, I will talk about both of them in my argument. First off, The suspect is armed, This one will be short, Sweet and simple, If you point a firearm a police officer or are somehow lucky enough to take a shot without justice being served to you first, THEY WILL shoot back, They don't wanna die and it's you or them, They enforce the law, And they do it with probable cause and reason, Except for the rare cases of police brutality, Which unfortunately will happen from now and then. Second point, You are not complying with the officer/you reach for something the officer cannot see and don't stop when he/she tells you to. This is an easy topic, If you reach for are not following the officers orders, Act hostile, And put your hands on the officer/run you will most likely be shot/tased/injured, The reason for this is that if you are hostile to them and do not comply, Fun fact officers don't know what you have on you, You could have a firearm/knife which officers don't like to be shot/ killed/stabbed etc. So it won't end well for you (also they don't know your intentions). Now to if you point a firearm/ fire a firearm/ act hostile towards the officer and have a item that could be used as a weapon on you. If you do any of these most likely YOU WILL BE SHOT, No matter race or back ground. What if i'm stopped by a police officer and i have a firearm on me 1. Inform the officer you have a gun on you after you hand him you license and registration 2. Ask if you can reach for said firearm 3. Move slowly as to not provoke the officer 4. Put the gun on the dashboard. There, I have proven my point and am happy to listen to others opinions

  • The evidence points the other way

    Blacks make up 13% of the general population, Yet 50% of crimes are committed by blacks. Plus, Police officers are three times more likely to shoot unarmed white or Hispanic suspects than unarmed black ones and eighteen and a half times more likely to be shot by armed black men than to shoot unarmed black men. On top of that, Police shootings only make up a small fraction of all shootings. In the meantime, Black on black murder has been claiming far more black lives than police shootings, And its death toll has even dwarfed the total death toll for lynchings throughout American history.

  • A few outliers do not determine the overall group.

    You may have seen many videos of white cops targeting black people. However this does not meant the entire police force of 800, 000 people is racist. Even if 8, 000 police are racist, That is 1% of the police force. Would you make an assumption of an entire group based off 1% of it's members? No, That is absurd.

    Obviously the racist and crooked cops should be punished.

  • Of course "the police" is not racist.

    "the police" is not a racist institution, Some members may be, But even so statistics show otherwise. Police brutality may be a problem, But then again it rarely shows.
    Certain bias to different groups of people is not racist either. Is a group of people conspicuous regarding certain crimes, The police will of course look into members those groups more extensively

  • Are blacks criminals?

    See the problem with making blanket statements? Sure, You may be able to pick out a small few that fit that description but to accuse an entire group for the acts of the few is wrong.
    People point out that it's more common to see a white officer arresting someone who's a minority as evidence that they are racist. Problem is this evidence does not take some facts. Tho white people are the majority (62%) of people in the country(1) they are the minority in gang membership (11, 5 in 2011) (2) and about 73% of police officers are white. (3) With demographics like that, You should expect the majority of arrests being of a minority by a white officer.
    Those are actual facts. If minorities don't like them, They can act to get them changed by discouraging gang related actions and encouraging their youth into law enforcement. I get that this may be a hard goal. With the quick and easy money and the lifestyle that the gangs and music world advertise, Associating with a gang sounds cool to kids who may be low income. In contrast, They see how the police are hated because the police tend to spoil the fun and arrest people. It's a job where you risk your life yet your hated by the community that you try to protect. Thing is, If they don't try to turn their youths away from gangs and/or away from law enforcement, These demographics will not change. If they did change for other reasons, It would be because police are forced to ignore criminal acts based on race and that would be racist.

    1) https://statisticalatlas. Com/United-States/Race-and-Ethnicity
    2) https://www. Nationalgangcenter. Gov/Survey-Analysis/Demographics
    3) https://www. Newsweek. Com/racial-makeup-police-departments-331130

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