• Yes yes yes

    I would say yes because no matter what your circumstances are, even if your born into poverty you can always get out of it by education, and college. It all is just in motivation. If you decide you want to do anything you can put your mind too it and we learn that from the day we are born.

  • Big no no

    To reach financial stability you need good education even to start a business, to get good education you need a substantial amount of money to pay for school till college. Unless you're a top scorer and you get scholarship offers, however these days not all scholarships cover your entire tuition fees. Many poor people don't have a chance to be given proper education because of money and so they have no choice but to stop school and find for jobs that are good enough to provide them food, clothes and shelter. How are they responsible for being poor when they can't afford to educate themselves? And then comes the social factor where the rich look down upon the poor because they're often assumed to be lazy and that's why they live in poverty. People need to understand that the rich will always be rich throughout their generations due to their accumulating assets, and the poor will remain poor unless they get help and financial support to start over a new life. Getting a job doesn't mean you are out of poverty. Farmers spend a lifetime harvesting crops but they never earn as much as they work.

  • NO: You Cannot Always Help the Situation You are in

    People who are poverty stricken do not always have a say in if they are going to stay poor or not. You cannot be responsible for not having a job if you try and try to get one but cannot. It is not fair to blame them for their lack of money when they cannot get out of the negative financial situation they are in, no matter how hard they try.

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