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  • The poor are really okay

    Poverty is typically a cause of who runs the society, not the poor themselves. Poverty and inequality are driven by the actions of the owners of society, not by the individual poor person and their situation. This is quite clear in the United States, which is in fact the worlds leading capitalist country.

  • Some situations cannot be helped.

    Were the impoverished to blame for the Great Depression, which caused thousands of jobs to be lost? Was it their fault that the economy crashed back in 2008 and caused the Great Recession? Because of those economic failures, thousands of people were laid off and were unable to support their families. Was it their fault? No. It's also not the fault of the employees whose bosses had to lay them off because of money cuts. Some people work two jobs to try and make ends meet, but it's still not enough to bring them above the poverty line. It's like blaming the victims for their suffering--unfair and unkind.

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TheOncomingStorm says2013-11-13T20:38:56.677
I don't think it's a good question to answer yes or no to. There are some people who are actually too lazy to get a job or use conning to suffice for a living even though they don't go above the poverty line unless they're large scale cons. There are also some people who are looking for a job and legitimately trying to make ends meet but just can't at the end of the day. So it's yes and no.