Are the poor to blame for their situation (yes), or is society to blame (no)?

  • Poor Blame Themselves

    With a country that is rich with educational pursuits and opportunities for those who are less fortunate, the plight of the poor is of their own making. Society can not be blamed for those of elect not to take advantage of training, education, and job opportunities that are there benefit.

  • People are responsible for their own actions.

    People living below the poverty line are to blame for their
    own situations, and they shouldn’t blame
    other people. They can blame other
    people for the conditions of society, but America is still the land of
    opportunity, and if poor people would work hard and change bad habits, they
    would be able to change their situations.
    It may not always be easy, but it is possible.

  • You can't put in what god left out

    Most folks who are poor are so because they lack the ability to earn money in the rat race that is our society. In almost all cases this is no fault of their own but of genetics. The fortunate who can earn and create wealth should have compassion for those who cannot. We need to take care of people with our safety net that we have. Even tea party people agree on the need for a safety net.

  • Not entirely the poor's fault

    Not everyone comes from a good family, in fact many of poor people come from broken homes where they were never taught the value of a dollar. It's easy for any one of us to look at their situation from the outside and judge them accordingly without the whole facts. Some of these people were neglected and abused by their own families growing up and it had devastating consequences when they got older. So the next time you see someone on the street don't be quick to judge them for their situation theirs always more to the story.

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