• Hell yes they are

    Ok, I've seen some ridiculous prices like $50 for a unicorn head or $35 for a CD, but an average American girl doll is $110-$200. I mean, like a doll is a must have for a little girl. But what has this doll done to be to pricey. I just think its ridiculous that people will pay that. I've seen dolls at garage sales for $3 and there in fine condition. I'm just saying. Why spend $110 when you can spend $10-$20.

  • No they are not too high.

    American Girl dolls are the best quality dolls available. They are not made out of cheap plastic like barbie dolls. Their hair is amazing quality, unlike smaller target dolls. They also have glass eyes, unlike barbie dolls. Their body is cloth, and not plastic. Someone who said yes said that they cost up to $200 dollars. No way! They would only cost that much if you got them off of amazon or E-Bay or if they are rare & retired. That's why they are not overpriced.

  • American girl dolls are not too high in price!

    American girl dolls are a cherished type of doll. They are worth all the money people pay for them. They are not some cheap kind of doll either. They are made of some rich material that is rare to come apart. It is not made of plastic like those cheap barbie dolls they sell. It is actually high quality. American girl dolls are a doll that a little girl will cherish for a long time. They are not something that a girl will barely look at after they buy. American Girl dolls are not too expensive.

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