Are the professional standards of journalism always followed in every instance?

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  • I would like to see who tried to defends this thesis!

    In the last year alone, there were multiple high-profile cases of substandard journalism, so it is clear that professional standards of journalism are not followed in every instance. This is, by no means, refutation of such standards because they fail to be met in every case, nor may it be 100% possible to meet them.

  • No, I don't think the professional standards of journalism are always followed in every instance.

    I think there are numerous instances where a journalist will step over the line and create a story that destroys some ones life for ratings, I think that the vast majority of journalists maintain the highest standards of professionalism but there are a growing number of journalists that will do anything to make a name for themselves.

  • Journalism needs help

    The professional standards of journalism are not always followed. Journalism is a popular field to enter into for college graduates and most of the journalists are without any experience. The public does not trust journalists very much so the standards need to be taught well and followed precisely by the journalists.

  • No, on the contrary.

    There is almost no honor, honesty, or integrity left in journalism. To even ask whether professional standards are followed is a little silly to me. The news, all over the world, is nothing but hyperbolic nonsense and repetitive and annoying opinion pieces. That's not professionalism at all. those days are gone.

  • No, journalism isn't always professional.

    Journalism in this day and age is not always followed in every sense of the word when it comes to professionalism. I think that journalists these days have lost their integrity in an effort to be bias or get the ratings. There doesn't seem to be much responsibility anymore either in regards to reporting false stories.

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