Are the proposals brought forth in the Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Law constitutional?

  • Its our country

    Yes, these laws that were just put into place are constitutional. This is our country, and is meant for Americans, so a bunch of foreign people should not be able to just march in here and share everything that we have worked so hard to build up by our selves.

  • SB 1070 is not unconstitutional, its implementation is.

    The law may be sterile and non-race specific, that does not mean it will be used as such. The very nature of the law, the location in which it is implemented, and the officers implementing it are what violates the constitution, and not even intentionally. There is no way that in a place with so many latino immigrants, that the checks for legal status are going to be inherently bias. That does not stop the law from being unbias.

  • Yes, the proposals brought forth in the Arizona SB1070 Immigration Law is constitutional.

    Yes, the proposals brought forth in the Arizona SB1070 Immigration Law is constitutional. The law requires any non United States citizen to carry all of there documentation with them at all times. Being that they are not citizens of our country, and merely people her working on a visa or trying to become a United States citizen, they should have to follow laws that keep track of them and expect certain differences versus people who are currently citizens. It is a positive law that is aimed at countering illegal immigration and catching current illegal aliens in the country.

  • It is a roundabout way of discrimination

    "If they look a certain way, they're going to be treated a certain way." That's basically what these laws are saying. The common defense will be that no particular group is being targeted, but the fact is that these laws direct society's eyes towards a specific group of individuals. We know who comprises that group, and we know the negative stereotypes and associations that are made with that group. These laws not only perpetuate the stereotype, they justify it by basically saying "anyone who looks part of this group will be questioned." It's basically the first cousin to New York's Search and Seizure, and we know who the target group is for that.

    Admittedly, I hesitate to say that these laws are completely unconstitutional because the idea that they breach privacy on the basis of race/ethnicity is still a matter of speculation. Well-informed speculation. More-than-likely-correct-for-the-most-part speculation. But speculation no less. On a societal and human level, however, these laws certainly leave much to be desired.

  • No, the proposals in the Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Law are not constitutional

    The provisions in the Arizona SB1070 are unconstitutional because they unfairly single out a group of people in their application. The laws do not apply to everyone, because their consequences do not apply to everyone, therefore they cannot be equally applied. In theory, the law may work, but in practice it will lead to racial profiling and harrassment.

  • No, they are not constitutional.

    The Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Law is not at all constitutional and, really, is a complete and total embarrassment to the United States. Arizona's laws against immigrants over the last 5 years have been disgusting and should no longer be allowed. Arizona does face mass immigration, but it could be handled much better.

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