Are the prosecutors in Zimmerman's case incompetent?

Asked by: wierdman
  • Prosecution ignored most important evidence

    Zimmerman used a racial slur (hate crime). Video and photos from the police station on the night of the murder show Zimmerman had only a few minor scratches. Martin was doing nothing wrong. Zimmerman ignored advice of dispatcher to stalk and kill Martin. Obvious miscarriage of justice in this case.

  • Use Common Sense

    Did the prosecutors really claim that the injuries found on Zimmerman's body was as a result of a tree branch? I mean I'm no lawyer or anything, but even I can tell that making a statement that is more than damaging to their case as a whole. A simple yes Trayvon caused the injury would have been acceptable. Common sense tell you that when two people get in a fight, they are both guaranteed to walk away with some kind of injury. It would not have damage the image that they are painting of Trayvon.

  • Failure to establish underlining crime

    According to jury instructions, self defense claims are only valid if the claimant was not committing a crime during or leading up to the moment of the shooting. The evident shows that Zimmerman was engaged in Harassment and Disorderly Conduct before and during the shooting. Harassment is defined in FL law as any public display or behavior directed at an individual where that individual can reasonable feel distress. Martin ran. Based on the phone call, he said that a creepy guy was staring and then following. He expressed concern that Zimmerman was getting closer. A witness said they heard a vocal argument before the shooting. Arguing a public to such an extent that people can here you in their homes is disorderly conduct if an independent person is disturbed by the noise. At least one person called the police to complain. Even if both of them were yelling, it is only relevant that the shooter was engaged in such behavior to establish that he was guilty of a crime. He should have been either charged with on or two underlying crimes (not felonies and they do not have to be to counter self defense) or the state should have asked that they jury be provided the definitions of these crime in the jury instructions so they could consider the validity of any self defense claims.

  • Failure to communicate effectively.

    From their trying to insert charges at the last minute which looked like lawyering tricks to obfuscating Zimmerman's motives in the closing arguments by asking all those questions. They needed to drive home the fact that Zimmermann never even tried to identify himself as the neighborhood watch. They should have drove that home for a manslaughter charge which would have been the fair verdict.

  • I believe the jury was biased.

    First problem was the fact that the jury was made up of five white women and one mixed race woman, in my opinion that put the prosecutor at a disadvantage because it would only take one person to have racist inclinations to bring in a not guilty verdict. Had there been an all black jury, Zimmerman would most likely have been found guilty; therefore, it is my opinion that there should have been no one from either race on that jury in order to get even a semblance of fairness.

  • No they weren't

    Its kind of hard to win a case when you have nothing to prove your case in the first place. That is why the first prosecutor quit. He looked at it and said no way he's taking it. Prosecution had nothing to work with which is why GZ wasn't charged in the first place! But thank you stupid liberals, MSM, and all the race baiters for ruining an innocent mans life. GZ should sue the DOJ and Sharpton for attorney costs and defamation of character.

  • They had nothing to work with.

    The case was pretty clear- all evidence showed Martin assaulted Zimmerman, beating him half to death into concrete. In Florida it is perfectly legal to shoot to kill when you are being assaulted, so the prosecution didn't have a leg to stand on.
    Until the political pundits and hacks like Al Sharpton got involved trying to play the race card, there wasn't even going to BE a prosecution.

  • No, they had no solid evidence to work with.

    Zimmerman never used a racial slur; there had been eight burglaries and a home invasion in the neighborhood and he said the "f---ing punks always get away" and that they were a--holes. Using a racial slur is not a crime, but Zimmerman did no such thing. The FBI investigated and found no evidence of a civil rights violation.

    No prosecution could have overcome the self-defense argument. Zimmerman was on his back, with Martin pummeling him and pound his head against the concrete. Zimmerman said he was heading back to his car when Martin blindsided him with a punch that dislocated his nose. No evidence contradicted that story, a witness saw Martin on top, and detectives notices that the back of Zimmerman's jacket was wet. Photos proved Zimmerman's injuries. That produces reasonable doubt of guilt. The local police refused to bring charges, as did the local district attorney. A special prosecutor was brought in who pressed charges without a grand jury indictment. The prosecutor was unethical, pressing charges for political reasons and apparently also concealing evidence, but not incompetent.

  • Of course not!

    Anyone claiming that the prosecutors are incompetent is a Moron and does not know much about law or criminal cases.

    But, I expect that from the uneducated. If Zimmerman is not sentenced to life or death, you freaks will blame it on the prosecution.

    Trayvon Martin was a pot head, punk criminal who had been kicked out of school for fighting and drugs. He was most likely looking for an apartment to rob.

    And, that Black chick - Rachel Jeantel, who can't write cursive that was on the phone; she is just another example of how screwed up most of the blacks are in America - an uneducated group that we waste billions trying to make better and educate. And, all most of them do is smoke dope and listen to rap, while they collect welfare. The low life blacks, like Trayvon, and the illegal Mexican Immigrants are destroying America.

    The biggest gangs in America are Black and Hispanic/Latin - pure scum. They should all be locked in jail for life or killed.

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