Are the protesters in Baltimore responding appropriately to Freddie Gray's death?

  • Yes it is!

    The same way people are upset about the riots should be the same reaction to what initially happened. Too many people want to stop the violence but that seems to be the only option when innocent people are continuously being killed. The bigger picture is being ignored when people focus on ending the riots. Why are they rioting in the first place ?

  • Protesters are too violent.

    I believe that the protesters are very much over reacting to what happened in Baltimore. Violence is never the answer, but riots in response this are not going to affect any change. All it is going to do is bring unwanted negative attention to what is already a bad situation.

  • The "protesters" are not responding appropriately to Freddie Gray's death.

    Rioting and looting is not going to change anything. Responding to a perceived injustice by damaging property and attacking police and citizens is not going to do anything but make law abiding citizens angry. If you want change, educate yourself and be the change you want. If violence and destruction is the change you want to see, then by all means, continue "protesting" in this way.

  • No, destroying the community will neither heal it nor improve anyone's conditions.

    Although I can understand the frustration felt in Baltimore and around the country by individuals being profiled and harassed by police, the young people who are destroying property and looting in Baltimore are not helping anything. I would support peaceful protests that open discussion about race and bias, but not a bunch of kids going crazy and feeding the stereotype they are trying to get out from underneath.

  • No, they aren't

    The people claiming to be protesters are no longer protesting. They are simply taking the opportunity to rationalize rioting. Instead of making people sympathetic to the cause, they are making fools of themselves and harming their reputations while destroying the businesses they are hitting. This is causing more damage than necessary.

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