• We have enough protection.

    Yes, the provisions of the Consumer Safety Act of 1987 is sufficient to protect the public today, because the Act is a great deal of regulation and on the whole, we are safe. The Act makes our products safer, and it establishes standards and recall procedures. Problems are really few and far between for consumers.

  • The Consumer Safety Act is outdated

    The Consumer Safety Act is outdated, and needs to be updated to better our society as of year 2014.
    Many things have changed since the act was enacted, therefore I believe that the act needs to be updated that better represents our current day to day life. A lot has changed since 1978 and consumers aren't being protected enough making the Consumer Safety Act ineffective.

  • No, I think they need to be changed

    You cant have anything from 1978 that is going to cover up today. Consumer issues are so much more in depth now. I doubt they spread to digital content,but I am sure they protect children from eating small parts just as well as they did in 1978. It is up to us to change them.

  • No It Is Not

    I do not believe the provisions of the Consumer Safety Act of 1978 (nor the latter amendments) are sufficient in protecting the public today. I believe companies are doing all they can to navigate around and avoid these laws at the expense of the consumer. We need stronger laws to protect the customer.

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