• Yes, anyone who will hurt an animal will probably hurt a human.

    Anyone who thinks or says that someone who treats an animal poorly won't do the same to a fellow human is a fool. Jail time, community service, and a fine are all fair punishments for hurting another living creature in a cruel way. Under no circumstances does that man deserve any less than he gets. Additionally, it's Fort Bragg not Port.

  • The punishments levied on the Port Bragg soldier are fair.

    The soldier received appropriate punishment for killing his dog. The inclusion of being forced to carry a photo of his dog will hopefully not allow him to easily forget what he has done. I would like to see him receive some counseling, however, so he can learn how to deal with things that frustrate him in the future.

  • Yes, the are.

    The punishment is fair, although it does seem a little ineffective. I don't know why he drowned the puppy, but I hope the judge does, and maybe that is how he decided on the punishment. It's a strange thing, and I did not know drowning puppies was illegal, so it seems appropriate.

  • Port Bragg soldier is rightly punished

    A soldier in Port Bragg drowned a puppy. Now, he's forced to carry a picture of said puppy in his wallet as a constant reminder of the horror he committed. This punishment is justified. If he is continuously reminded of this tragedy, then he will be less likely to commit a similar crime.

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