Are the quality of polls on Debate.Org declining?

Asked by: Ethan14
  • Rehash, Rehash and More Rehash

    Not only have the polls all looking the same but also the debates. It's all the same few topics rehashed again and again; abortion, guns, hunting, school, homosexuality, religion. One has to dig very deep into the hay stack to the find a needle of original thinking. It would be nice also to see a greater variety and better informed comments based on facts other than the typical adolescent knee jerk commentary that is often presented.

  • Repeat after repeat!

    Yes, complete rehash! I get the feeling the same person starts a debate, gets annoyed that everyone disagrees with them, so starts the same debate again hoping for a better outcome. It is so tedious to see the same debates with the same crummy arguments. People are up on their soap-box rather than actually trying to understand all sides.

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