• The promise of instant infamy.

    It may not be the actual cause but adds fuel to the fire. Mental illness in our modern society needs to be addressed with great scrutiny. We live in phenomenal times thanks to technology and global communication. Hopefully we will devise a way to identify mental illness and proper ethics to deal with it in the very near future.

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  • Not the Only Cause but Definitely Influenced

    Social Media is not the only cause but it is definitely an influence to all these school shootings. Kids are put under enormous pressure in school these days and social media only adds more pressure to the situation. I'd say the majority of these shooting are mainly due to mental health issues not being recognized and/or treated in time but social media has definitely not helped the situation at all.

  • It Is Possible

    I believe the rash of school shootings could be influenced by social media. One pops up about every week and makes it's way through the media circuits until everyone knows about it. Obviously things like this happened before social media but more people can access the information and read about the scenarios is a much faster pace.

  • Social Media is not to blame.

    Social Media is definitely a huge part of young people's life, but I do not feel it is too blame for any kind of school violence, let a lone a horrible shooting. With or without the influence of social media, these kids are going to make the horrible decision regardless.

  • No, I don't believe they are.

    I don't believe social media to be a factor in the increase of school shootings. An argument could be made that violent video games and media have desensitized children towards violence and glorified it in many ways, but I don't see how social media could play a role. It may be an outlet for some people to voice their violent thoughts, but it is not the cause.

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