Are the reasons for illegal immigration justified?

  • The reasons for illegal immigration are justified.

    A lot of illegal immigrants come to America since the laws against illegal immigration are not enforced. They are justified in their attempt to enter the country, but they run an enormous risk. If they are caught and deported, that is a consequence of the risk they took. They might also be able to live here without any trouble.

  • They often have no choice

    Many illegal immigrants come here because they have no choice, they are often either face persecution or want a better life. But I do think that illegal immigrants should be automatically deported unless they are doing an essential job or will face death or persecution at home. I think that they should be deported because we need to support legal immigration, not illegal immigration.

  • No there is no way to justify it!

    For one thing. Crossing the border without doing it at a legal border crossing is illegal in itself. So if they cross illegally then that shows that they are already criminals. What other crimes will they do? The United States doesn’t need these scum from other countries. We are not the saviors of the world

  • No, it is not justified.

    How can you attempt to justify crime? And the fact that you, over there to the left of the line, says that "they have no choice, they are often facing persecution..", and think it makes sense that a criminal fleeing to another country after committing a crime should be allowed to enter and has no choice, is ridiculous. The argument that illegals should be spared from deportation based on them being charged with death or persecution at home means they are a criminal, so you want our country to harbor and contain criminals from every country? I don't want to speak for you but you sound like you hate the United States. Please, never share a political opinion again. @osi02

  • No it is not.

    Illegal immigration should not happen,no matter how you look at it. If they need to get out of their country they should do it the right way so then they do not have to worry about getting sent back or getting in trouble with the law. It is making it harder for the actual citizens to find jobs.

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