Are the recent popular Harlem Shake videos destructive to black culture and history?

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  • I don't believe so; dance isn't taken that seriously.

    I do not believe the Harlem Shake videos are destructive to black culture and history. There are so many other more important aspects to black culture and history other than dance. Dance is just a fun way to express yourself, whether its for entertainment or not. Dance is not something that is taken seriously, so I don't think these videos are destructive to black culture.

  • I don't think so

    I don't see how it's destroying the black race. The video may be seen as stupid and uninspired by some, but it doesn't mean that black culture has been destroyed just because somebody who is a member of that culture did something silly. It's like saying Eminem destroyed white culture.

  • Not at all

    The current Harlem Shake trend is almost entirely based on the silly video of a single Youtube user who had probably never seen the "real" Harlem Shake dance. I believe very little people equate the Harlem Shake to black culture and history especially not when they see a silly but good natured and fun video on the Internet. It's just people having fun.

  • No They Are Not

    There is nothing wrong with the Harlem Shake or any other dance move. People dancing in videos is just a form of expression. Nothing they are doing is destructive to black culture or the community. There's a lot of other things to be worried about and concerned with outside of dancing.

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