Are the Red Sox trading away too many of their talented central players?

  • Red Sox Trade Targets: Robert Stephenson

    With the July 31 trade deadline just over a week away, the Red Sox find themselves in a difficult position. They have played well lately and they have a very talented roster but Baseball Prospectus currently puts their chances of making the playoffs at 5.8 percent and gives them just a 0.4 percent chance at repeating as Champions. If we are being rational about those odds, the Red Sox should be selling. This certainly isn't how Ben Cherington and company hoped the season would go, but this is where the team is now and it is important to make the most out of the situation.

  • No, they are doing what is needed.

    The Red Sox are just clearing awy all their older players to get new prospects that could be vital in the future. Getting Cespedes was huge, and now they have a player who can hit to right field with power. And they should also get Lester back soon. The Red Sox should be title contenders in 2015.

  • The Red Sox are the baseball team from Boston, right?

    Well If this team is trading its players they must have good reason for it. When it comes down to it, we are all human beings: none of us are here to entertain one another we are suppose to love one another and grow together. Sport has turned into something greedy and down right unwholesome when comparing it to the open yard tradition of our ancestors.

  • Red Sox Make Needed Trades

    I feel that the trades being made by the Red Sox ball club are long overdue. The Red Sox brought in Cespedes for Pitcher Jon Lester and Outfielder Jonny Gomez. This trade, along with bringing in Allen Craig, will strengthen the outfield. Also brought in was infielder Kelly Johnson to put a boost in the infield. The main portion of the field known for weaknesses seemed to be the outfield, these trades have hopefully nullified that weakness.

  • No, I don't believe they are.

    I understand why this came as a shock to not only the fans, but also some of the players, but I don't think it's a bad move. They needed to think of their furture team and what they want it to look like and not just about the current season.

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