Are the reports of excessive water pollution greatly exaggerated by the media in order to sensationalize the truth?

  • Yes, the reports of excessive water pollution have been exaggerated by the media.

    I think that at the reports that there has been excessive water pollution are without merit. I think that such things have been hyped by the media for ratings. I also think that there is a lot of media bias that favor political issues that the liberals and Democrats are interested in.

  • The media's perspective control

    Controlling perspective can really influence what facts become more important than others causing the claims to appear exaggerated. They aren't exactly exaggerated they are partial truths lacking context or remorse, created by idealistic souls that have corrupted to the machine that continues its ever relentless march in its effort to boost sales.

  • Yes, I think that reports of excessive water pollution are exaggerated by the media.

    I think that the media likes to exaggerate about issues like this because they know every American would be concerned by something like this, I think the media does exaggerate news because they know it brings them improved ratings, I think any fears about the safety of our water is greatly overblown and it is safe to drink.

  • No, not at all.

    Water pollution is a major problem and it is shifting the balance of life in our oceans; particularly in the reefs. And being that the earth's surface is 2/3rds water, this is obviously going to have an adverse effect on land-dwelling creatures as well. We need to address it and address it right now.

  • They are underreported

    The issue of water pollution is probably receiving less attention that is really due. In foreign countries especially the US news has no interest in reporting on the polluted water systems that people use for daily living. The problem is severe enough that the US public needs to stay informed.

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