Are the Republican Party's economic plans better than the democrats?

Asked by: ThunderThighs19
  • Its better for people

    Why the democrats socialist approach has benefits (subsidized healthcare and education), these plans come at a cost. The Affordable Care Act was at the expense of the wealthy, yet get the same as someone who paid far less. Another argument from the Democratic Party is that we should increase taxes. I am sure, that I can speak for all 350 million people in the U.S. that spending more money isn't desirable. With cuts to part of the federal budget [social security (a ponzi scheme), random experimental military projects (most don't work), and healthcare (risky treatments that cost a lot of money shouldn't be under healthcare)], we could lower taxes for everyone, and have everything that is necessary.

  • Keynes was wrong

    We, and many other first world countries, have been trying to implement Keynesian economics for decades. They have proven to do exactly the opposite of their intention. The wealthy have grown and the poor and middle class have stagnated. We need to go back to the supply-side economics that grew the country in the first place.

  • Republican policies are good when done correctly

    The progressive democrats that i have seen propose policies that follow Keynesian economics which never work..Taking from the rich doesn't create economic growth. What does create growth is products and services which can only be created by a rich person who risked a lot to start their business. With democrat logic giving money to the poor to buy products sounds reasonable. But the people who are rich lose money through taxes along with paying employees and paid benefits. They would have no room to invest in their products in services if they are consistently getting taxed at a high rate. They will fire workers or find people that will work for less. This assumption that businesses are greedy and evil is incorrect. If they truly were these evil corporate puppets, then we would see a lot more people with minimum wage jobs

  • (Reasonably) Free markets mean free people

    I support most republican economic policies. Lower corporate and income tax rates, less regulation in the market and production of goods, all of these are good for common people. Lower tax rates help workers and encourage the government to spend within its own means. Overregulation has stifled economic growth and jobs. Regulation in the production of goods drive up costs, this is part of the reason everything is made in China, production is so cheap. We need to reduce regulations to lower the price of goods and to make American businesses competitive again.

  • A socialist hellscape.

    In a perfect world, socialist utopia would be a wonderfully place to be. Unfortunately, in a socialist utopia, human greed would lead to people taking advantage of the lack of money, sit back, and do nothing while being fed by the rest of the people in this community. Socialism inspires laziness. I know that if I could sit back in my house and have everything served up to me on a silver platter, instead of working hard, I would. And that is not fair to everyone else. "Capitalism, God's way of determining who is smart, and who is poor." -Ron Swanson.

  • Republican policies are superior.

    Democratic policies have proven to be harmful to every community they have ever been exposed to for a prolonged period of time. Their policies are unsustainable and keep the poor under the thumb of the government by ensuring that they are reliant on government welfare programs. Overall, Republican policies help people help themselves. Rather than relying on the government to help them.

  • The Republicans will bring back the businesses

    Businesses are the backbone of any economy. Under the leadership of the Democrats, and President Obama, many businesses were driven away from America, and left to countries with lower take rates, like Mexico. Trump plans to return businesses to America with his proposed tax rates, which is why Republican economic plans are better than Democratic plans.

  • US Economic Equality

    I certainly have a higher respect for Fiscal Republicans than Social Republicans, so I don't have any problem with their views, I just don't agree with them. I think it's very important to give an equal opportunity to everyone. While I realize that there are people who sit around and take advantage of their government paycheck without looking for work, there are people who want to work that can't find a job. Not everyone comes from the same privileged background which allows them to get a job that will provide the income needed to support themselves, let alone a family of 3, 4, or even more. I don't think favoring the poor is discrimination against the rich because the rich don't need anymore help, and if they were poor, they would want the assistance as well. Economic equality is just as important as social equality, regardless of the cost. Even though we're a "free" country, it's hard to be free when you have to pay for things that you need to be alive. Many argue that we don't have enough money to provide for those who are less fortunate, but we really don't have enough money in the U.S. to do anything. We are so far in debt at this point, it won't matter if we put ourselves further in debt if it means that we could provide for those who can't provide for themselves, as long as they are trying. I think that there should definitely be screening to make sure that those receiving help are not actively looking for work and don't have enough money to support themselves. Overall, I understand where Republicans are coming from, because their economic views are the most beneficial to them, but I am more concerned about the general population than myself.

  • It's just sad

    Shouldn't have to explain it. The Republican's motto is
    "survival of the fittest" which in no way is good for America. The President we currently have now has in no way made our country better for all. FOR ALL. The Republicans are focused on helping those who can afford it. You have to think about the good for the greatest amount of people. It's hard for people because of the conditions we had back then and the conditions we live in now. It's just sad that people can't take the time to think about the huge amount of people in the world. We need to understand how it must feel for the other people in the country and the world.

  • Compare standard of living in Western Europe vs the U. S.

    France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Etc all have higher standards of living, Greater economic mobility, Better healthcare, And often work less hours or better conditions that U. S. Workers. It is because the government is willing to make restrictions on corporations and people pay slightly higher taxes (although obama and clinton only raised taxes on those making 6 figures, Look it up) in return for a safety net and other benefits, For example Finland has much more affordable childcare than the U. S. But it is also subsidized by the government.

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