Are the resistance combatants in Afghanistan actually freedom fighters vying for control of their homeland?

  • Combatants in Afghanistan are freedom fighters.

    The fighters currently in Afghanistan are freedom fighters who are currently vying for control of their homeland because they are acting as normal freedom fighters, rather than just wanting to do what they are told and keep enemies off of their land. They want to know that they are in control of their homeland.

  • In a way, yes

    "Freedom fighter" is simply a propaganda term that can be used for almost everyone. The resistance fighters in Afghanistan are by and large members of the Taliban, which seek to actually limit freedoms and impose a theocracy on the people, which already exists more or less. So they're not fighting for "freedom" in the way many people use the word.

  • Its their belief

    Yes, they are freedom fighters that think, and deeply believe, that the US is invading their homeland and is doing nothing but trying to ruin their society and ways of life, which is certainly understandable, and if someone tried to come to the US and do the same thing we would fight.

  • Afghanistan Resistance are not patriots

    The formula is typically very simple. Stop shooting, and the Americans will leave. Some countries that our forces get deployed to believe that they can drive Americans out like in Korea and Vietnam. That was a much different battlefield. Our military and its tactics have drastically changed. The environments are less of a factor. Killing more people is not how a country gets the Americans to leave. That just brings more so that the "violence can be contained." Sympathizing with their conflict as a freedom fight is just adding fuel to the belief that we are occupiers. We are there for US interests. That interest is the funding and asylum of the Taliban. Get those guys out of your village, and the American forces will stay out.

  • They are selfish

    To the so called freedom fighters in Afghanistan, there is no real coherent country of Afghanistan, as we know it. The fighters are either purely anti American or are tribal, only vying for their own lands and authority, rather than pushing for a unity government - they don't want governance.

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