Are the reviews online about the Bates method accurate?

  • It doesn't work

    It does not work at all - it is not science and people who do it, the reviewers online, all are fairly angry that it does not work. New miracle cures for a number of different ailments have always been around, and people have to be more intelligent when deciding which to undertake.

  • Surely Someone Has Had Success

    The Bates method has been around since the early 1900s for improving eyesight. There was a time when eyeglasses weren't commonplace and not everyone had the luxury of affording to see the eye doctor. Surely some people have had success with the Bates method in the past 80 years, so I'm sure some online reviews regarding the eye exercises are accurate.

  • There were problems.

    Yes, the reviews online about the Bates method are accurate, because there are fair reviews that discuss both the promise and the criticism of those theories. The Bates method is discussed on line both in good terms and critically. They say that some swore the Bates method worked, but others say that there was no scientific evidence that it worked at all.

  • Some reviews are accurate.

    Like anything else on the internet, I believe that most of the reviews online about the Bates method are accurate. But there are always haters and production plants trying to sway unbiased readers with reviews. So I bet that there are also fake reviews for and against the Bates method.

  • Online Reviews Correct About Bates

    In reality, the review available online concerning Bates' Method are fairly accurate. The method isn't the best one available, but reviews tend to point this out. It can show promising results for people that adopt this method, so people need to keep that in mind before making a solid decision.

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