• Yes, for the most part.

    The rich people are garnering more and more wealth, and not usually because of their own intelligence and hard work. Some other people who managed to save and who did not lose their investments may also be doing well now, but that is not to say that they are rich by any means.

  • It is easy to see.

    All you have to do is look at the pay increases over the past decades to see that the rich are the only ones getting richer and they continue to rape the poor for all they have. Check how much a CEO's pay has increased compared to the increase for the average worker. Or look at the oil companies of today taking handouts from our goverment while making billions in profits, all while the poor continue to pay higher and higher fuel prices. Look at companies like Google, for instance, worth billions, but moves out of the country to avoid taxes and has hundreds of thousands of patents that it never plans on using, just simply gets them to make sure anyone who does come up with something remotely related has to pay them a share. Same is true with Apple. The rich control our goverment and therefore it continues to benefit them instead of the people. Try to open a store and compete with Walmart... you can't, and that is called a monopoly. Until the people of this country come together and demand a change and stand against this nothing will ever change. We are all slaves to their society.

  • Overall, yes.

    We can always point to individual success stories of people who were not rich and who made it big. But that will never be the case for the average person unless society changes dramatically. The political and economic systems are currently set up in ways that keep power and money concentrated in the hands of just a few, whose interested are always advocated for. The data bear this out, as the only people who truly seem to be adding wealth are already people with a lot of money.

  • Getting richer

    Yes, in my personal opinion, I see it as the rich people are the only ones getting richer, and the middle class and poor people keep getting poorer. Groceries, taxes, utilities, etc all keep going up, but our wages are stagnet which in turn keeps the middle and lower classes from moving up.

  • Yes, it's easier to make money when you already have money

    I do believe the rich are only getting richer. Even without factoring in all the tax breaks and investment returns they make, simply having a larger income allows you more opportunities to make money. A simple example is buying in bulk - you can save a lot by buying something in bulk, but the one-time cost may not be affordable for someone living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Wealth and living standards have improved for all sections of society

    It is true that the rich are getting richer, and that wealth inequality is growing. Despite this, overall wealth and living standards have greatly increased for all sections of society in the past decades. Even the poorest households have luxuries in way of televisions, stereos, cell phones, computers, etc that not long ago were only affordable for the rich.

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