Are the 'Right' and the 'Left' Equally Evil, Horrific, and/or Absurd?

Asked by: ZebramZee
  • What do you mean by right and left?

    I think that in America, both parties have lots of problems. The establishment GOP is becoming far too weak and the Democrats seem to be pushing farther left without common sense on many issues. Right and left wing thought in general; however, has an obviously superior side in my opinion. If we look at extreme results of left wing thought, we see forms of Communism and Marxism, which are terrible forms of governance. On the right, in almost all countries there is no well defined extreme far right other than varying degrees of opposition to leftist idiology. The fact that proponents of classical liberalism and democracy are seen as right wing is proof of this. But in the past hundred years, leftist ideology has led to more misery and death than any traditional right wing ideology has. Also the other poster who says the GoP is far right while the Democrats are just the GoP of the 90s has it backwards I think. Modern day Republicans are just following the ideas of Democrats from the past and the GoP is moving to the left.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • In our democracy, yes.

    Within the political system we have, both far left and far right are dangerous. The far left (that is not the Democratic party but socialist parties, i.e. in European countries) can create a culture of oppression of the wealthier by the poor. On the other hand, a far right policy of small government and more power to corporations will lead to tyranny by capitalists.

    In my opinion our democracy is not good in itself, but within the current political spectrum, being in the middle is preferable.

  • What left are you referring to?

    They are both corporate shills, but at the end of the day. Do you want the corporate shill that ensures welfare for those that need it, wants to invest in the country and its infrastructure, and doesn't have a hatred for anyone not exactly like them, or do you want the corporate shill that ensures welfare for corporations, wants to cut social safety nets for the poor, espouses self-righteous faux-immorality and hypocritically tries to restrict the rights of others, and gives relatively more power to corporations?
    That said, the "right" or the GoP has moved so incredibly far to the right, whilst the 'left' or the Democrats are basically the Republicans of 20 years ago

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