Are the rising costs of college tuition out of control?

  • College is to much.

    College tuition is over 500% past the inflation line, if thats not insane what is?! America is falling behind in education and our economy is a mess. EVEN THOUGH college does payoff, a lot of Americans can't afford to enroll. If we can make a new college tuition agreement I believe it would help our country a lot.

  • College is to much.

    College tuition is over 500% past the inflation line, if thats not insane what is?! America is falling behind in education and our economy is a mess. EVEN THOUGH college does payoff, a lot of Americans can't afford to enroll. If we can make a new college tuition agreement I believe it would help our country a lot.

  • College tuition these days is causing students to have to get ridiculously large financial aid loans.

    The loans for someone going to college these days may take half of their professional careers to pay off. This would be a serious deterrent for someone considering going to college. A better option may be to attend a vocational school and learn a trade or skill that would provide a good income and not bankrupt you before your life even begins.

  • Tuition is too high

    I am a senior in high school and I am hoping I get a lot of scholarship money because I do not know how I will pay for college without it. Not everyone can pay for college as well as some people can. I can also say from my personal experience that it is not as easy as people make it out to be to find scholarships. It does not matter anymore what your GPA is or how active you are in school.

  • Soon it's going to be more expensive than buying today's houses!

    It's unfair because students need to get the best education they deserve. Everything is just so expensive these days! The prices are so high, scholarships take out huge amounts but there is so much money left over. These colleges are just driving away students who are extremely smart. Then there's the expensive supplies, I'm not even going to get into that, It's so unfair!!

  • Not all of us come from means

    I am in the middle of my second year at college and already I am having a hard time paying for college. I have 3 sibling (one recently graduated, and one is starting college in a few years). My mom is unemployed due to injury and my dad is only a college professor. They do not have the means to help me pay for college, so I am entirely on my own. People are arguing that students should be involved in high school and get scholarships; I was VERY involved in high school and receive a bunch of scholarships, but even with those I needed to take out loans and I am already about $12,000 in debt! Some people simply cannot afford to keep paying these high costs of education. I may have to drop out at the end of this year because my finances are already in trouble!

  • Four fold increase in 20 years

    When I finished undergraduate school a little over 20 years ago at a private engineering school the tuition was approximately $10,000 per year. I had academic scholarships that brought the tuition down by 20 percent. Now, the same school is charging in excess of $40,000 per year. When my kids are college age (10 and 13 years from now) I am sure tuition will be close to $100,000 per year for the same education. Now that is out of control!!

  • Knowledge Overshadowed by Funds

    The thought of going to school is overshadowed by the daunting cost of tuition. I would love to study abroad, go to good, well known schools and graduate with a degree. However, the cost of tuition is just too high. I have to work, go to school, and take another job of looking for thousands of dollars in financial aid. The issue is already way out of hand, please help out the new generations of students and lover the cost.

  • Way faster than inflation

    In the past, students could actually work during the summer and pay all of their tuition with pay from a minimum wage job. That's the way it should be. Also, today's universities are spending way too much on fancy dorms and student recreation. Parents are paying for it. It needs to stop... NOW. Those things have nothing to do with a quality American education that prepares future generations to enter the workforce and (if this is your thing) be citizens of the world..

  • This is insane.

    College is supposed to be an option for us young adults, and more than half of us chose to go and achieve our dreams. But the sad part is we can't afford not even one semester of college to try and achieve our future dreams. College tuition needs to be reasonable. And not increase every year.

  • College

    No they are not too high I just completed 8 years of school with only spending 10,000. You just need to apply your self in school and get scholarships. Also get student aid! It helps. College is getting more expensive but is definitely worth it! Everyone needs to go to college because with our world, coming what its coming to already people need college to get good jobs!

  • Just Graduated

    I recently graduated from a top 4 year school in my state with job offers. I also have NO debt. How? My parents, who make well under 100K a year SAVED EARLY! We lived well within our means. I was EXTREMELY active in high school with sports and extra curriculars which made me prime for scholarships. Plus I worked through college. I feel a lot (not all) parents chose new cars and mortgages over saving for their children's education and children did not utilize their resources or properly prepare.

  • Pushing ahead

    I feel there are many many ways to make college a less expensive option. We just have to search for ways to do it. Look for scholarships! Look for grants! There are lots of them out there for every one! So many scholarships and grants are not even claimed or applied for every year! If the government raised taxes the cost of living would just continue to go up, which in turn will just make tuition go up as well! If you show the initiation to just find the money or borrow the money and pay it back after college then we can start weeding out the kids that REALLY want it for themselves and the kids that REALLY don't want to pay for it. I'm in college, so my first thought was, heck yes, but lets get real people if everyone had a college degree, McDonalds would go out of buisness and lots of people would be upset.

    Posted by: elm
  • Tuition is an investment.

    No one is stopping you from acquiring a loan from a bank at low student interest rates to be able to put forward the money required to study. If you want to invest in something, there is always a risk involved. Investing in your education is no different. If you truly believe that your higher education will pay off then the risk is well worth it. In most cases, it is well worth investing in higher education and with modest, proper money management along with a job, you should not keep that student debt very long.

  • Unfortunately, a first class education has a first class price tag.

    While I believe we should continue to support our colleges and universities by contributing wherever possible to scholarship programs and with general contributions, I don't believe the answer to providing quality education to the most promising students should come at the expense of larger classes, fewer offerings and less distinguished faculty. Colleges and universities need to spend less time bringing remedial students up to grade level and focus more on providing the highest quality education possible for our most promising students.

    Posted by: 5h4d0wFuIt

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Anonymous says2013-04-02T12:08:26.263
It is a tragedy that good students cannot get into state schools which force them to be robbed by the cost of out of state tuition. Higher education costs are out of control when students have to pay $50,000/year for a "average" state school. STOP THE INSANITY!
Anonymous says2013-04-05T23:55:44.933
Why don't we deny any federal funding to any college or university that pays any coach or administrator more than their state's governor?