Are the San Antonio Spurs the best NBA franchise of the 21st century?

  • There are many reasons why the Spurs top all other organizations.

    There are many reasons that the San Antonio Spurs are the best franchise in the modern NBA world.
    1. Consistency: No other NBA team has been able to have a winning record and make the playoffs 21 straight years going
    2. Hall of Famers: Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili. No doubt future hall of famers San Antonio has produced. Other possible future candidates include Bruce Bowen, Kawhi Leonard, Etc.
    3. The winningest trio of all time in the Spurs big three.
    4. Gregg Popovich is probably the greatest coach ever to touch a playbook. The Golden State Warriors have adopted former Spurs player, And Spurs assistant coach Steve Kerr and he has implemented much of the Spurs playbook. Almost every team in the NBA consistently runs a play that was invented by 'Pop'
    5. Championships: 5 Championships in 17 years. Only the Lakers have had that success in 90's and 2000's basketball. (The Lakers failed past 6 years take away from there chance to be the dynasty
    here. )
    6. Somehow after the events of the 2018 offseason, They still keep winning. Go Spurs Go!

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