• i have no idea what that is.

    i personally believe that not one person is actually able to predicted the stock market exchange prices can be predicted at all. so i do not think the predictions are accurate at all. if any one could accuately predictied anything about the stock market they would be rich in a matter of weeks.

  • S&P stock predictions are acceptably accurate

    Despite the variables within the stock market, S&P stock predictions are generally accurate. They have a good history of accuracy and place importance on research and evidence. Of course, the stock market is always fluctuating, yet S&P incorporate this into their predictions as best as they can and their results show it.

  • They are never accurate

    I don't know what's wrong with S&P stock predictions but since I follow them I have done nothing but lose money time after time. I don't know why I've sticked to them for such a long time, and I am seriously considering on giving up these really lousy and unaccurate predictions.

  • Let's call them educated guesses, not predictions.

    Stock predictions are sort of like weather predictions: some outcomes may be more likely than others, and those who are experts in the field are going to make the best possible guess about the relative likelihoods of each possibility. But no one can truly predict what the future holds. We'll all just have to wait and see.

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