Are the Sandy Hook shootings a sign of big societal problems?

  • In Terms of Mental Health Care

    I believe the Sandy Hook shooting points to problem and stigma that America has with mental illness. I believe mental illnesses have been wildly ignored and have gone untreated in our country for far too long. I think part of this was due to a lack of health care and the costs associated with getting proper care. Hopefully, this will improve as the Affordable Health Care Act takes hold.

  • Yes, shootings show a big problem with society.

    The Sandy Hook shootings are like the other mass shootings in showing us how angry and sick or sad certain people in our culture are without our realizing it. That is one problem and the other is how easy it is to get hold of guns that should only be reserved for military use.

  • The Sandy Hook shooting was a sign of big societal problems.

    The Sandy Hook shooting was a sign of the extent of the gun problem in America. Normal people should not be allowed to own guns precisely because they pose a danger to kids. There should have been more restrictions that could have prevented the shooter from obtaining the guns and ammunition he used.

  • Clearly, they are.

    When people react to a horrible tragedy such as the Sandy Hook shootings with cries of, Gun ownership is our right! and Oh, the liberals and Obama will start pushing gun control on us, that is a clear sign that there are major societal problems. We cannot even send our kids to school without fearing tragedy.

  • Yes They Are

    The Sandy Hook shootings are the worst in a long line of mass shootings. While gun control is certainly an issue, there are deeper issues that need to be addressed. We have a very narrow definition of masculinity, for example, that perpetuates violence and aggression. We need to let me know there are healthier ways to deal with their emotions and that having feelings don't make them any less of men. We also need to work on removing the stigma of mental illness.

  • Yes, this incident highlights huge problems in society.

    The Sandy Hook shootings have shaken Americans and is considered to be a massive, horrifying tragedy. It is something unthinkable and unbelievable and an example of the problems within our society. These shootings have sparked a few debates with citizens, with the lack of gun control in our society being a big one. The shooting just goes to show that we do not live in a perfect, safe society and that there are many problems that need to be addressed.

  • Sandy Hook shooting

    Yes, in my personal opinion, I do think that the shootings of the poor innocent kids and teachers at Sandy Hook in Connecticut is a sign of big societal problems. This biggest problem that I see is the stigma of getting mental illness treated. If they can do this, then maybe things like this wouldn't happen.

  • It is not.

    The Sandy Hook shootings is not a sign of big societal problems. There have been things like this happen to many different societies in every single time period. While it is a terrible thing that happened to the people of Sandy Hook, it was not an indication of any societal problems.

  • No, the Sandy Hook shootings are not a sign of big societal problems.

    No, the Sandy Hook shootings are not a sign of big societal problems. The sandy hook shooting was done by a man who was mentally ill and there have and always be ,mentally ill people. I don't think sandy hook was a sign of big societal problems it was an unfortunate situation but school shootings of the size are not a weekly occurrence.

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