Are the skills learnt from playing video games just as important as those learnt from reading books?

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes i think they are Equal

    Shooting video games are meant to be because off nature especially males because mammals had to prove their worth or defend their territory by fending off enemies the same tactic goes with video games so if u blame your kid for playing shooting games might as. Well blame nature. Plus video games increse kids knowledge in many ways and also help in skills such as reaction time and socializing those are only a dpfew of the very important skills that video games teach kids. Books on the other hand are hard to cope with since our age of time currently is used to technology so kids will be less patient with books which makes it harder to teach them. On the other hand books let ur child learn other important skills so i would say they are equal.

  • Video games are par with books.

    Books are easier to digest consciously, because its written out in front of you. A very static way of learning. Video games are par, however, its a more dynamic way of conditioning your subconscious into learning without conscious effort.

    Matt Ridley says, "Innovation happens when ideas have sex", meaning everything you've learned plays on what you learn, creating new insights, habits, ideas, creative thresholds, and so on. By submitting to virtual worlds of unique challenges, variables, objectives, strategies, concepts, artistic styles, and story-lines, the subconscious mind is able to analyze, synthesize, and extrapolate new ideas by relaxing and mentally interacting with dynamic content. Both experiences improve the self's subconscious and conscious mind, affecting everything within the self's psyche.

  • Definitely I would go with this topic

    Opponents of this idea claim that the skills learned from playing video games are not as important as what is learned from reading books.In my opinion playing suitable video games and learning from them is just as important as gaining knowledge in todays world,there are several reasons for my agreement on that topic.

  • Video games can teach many things

    Not all video games teach good skills, and not all games teach things directly. Video games primarily teach strategy, figuring out clever ways of achieving a virtual task translates into better processing of situations in real life. The second most important aspect video games teach is creativity. God knows, the world can always use more creativity!

  • Move with times

    Firstly, I will admit I do detest video games and the video game culture personally although I feel they are now just as important as reading books in child development. Video games engage many different senses in a world that is becoming increasingly technology based. They equip students with ICT skills, keep them visual sharp, and challenged. It is a huge part of childhood now and I feel instead of dismissing them we can utilize this in education and incorporating them in children's learning. Children now find it difficult to sit down and maintain the patience and attention of reading a book, when in most cases they can gain as much information via videos, audiobooks, etc. I feel that we have to move with the times and face the fact that video games provide children with skills that equip them better for the technology based world and challenge and engage them in many different ways.

  • Some of them.

    Games can improve memory, hand-eye coordination, map-reading, money saving, patience, strategising, team-building, planning, and problem-solving skills. While it is best to keep game play in moderation due to possible eye problems and other such complications developing, video games are helpful.

    Depending on the plot, morals of fighting for your friends, helping those in need, acceptance, and others can help later in life.

    While yes, reading is important and I feel books are important for kids to read and learn from them, video games shouldn't be so quick for people to shoot down; they have just as much potential as books to help people learn.

  • Video Games contain untold vaults of potential

    Video games are misunderstood, they don't just provide a quick source of entertainment. I can remember a time when they were considered expendable, unneeded, laughable. Now what with the advent of technology, video games have become a common part of life (it's a multibillion dollar industry) but, even know video games get a bad rep. I have seen first hand just how incredibly handy they can be. If properly utilized, we can use them in conjunction with most school curriculums to increase attendence, raise interest in learning, and, most importantly, boost the amount of students who graduate high school. If I wanted to I could go on for hours about how we could implement video games but, I will leave it at that. Also, here is a book that will helo drive my point home, http://www.Amazon.Com/Video-Learning-Literacy-Second-Edition/dp/1403984530 please enjoy it as I have

  • Yes skills learned in video games are important.

    I think that skills in games are important for example there are many educational games available to play. Yes I feel they are just as important because you cannot stay in school all day long. They provide an excellent way to stay focused and involved on days off thank you.

  • With moderation, yes.

    Scientific studies have shown that video games improve ones reaction times, and eye sight. A survey was done showing that surgeons who played video games completed surgeries 27% faster and with 37% less mistakes. Video games have huge impacts on ones awareness of his/her surroundings. It has also been proven that the average person who does not play video games can focus on four different things while the average games can focus on six. Let's also not forget things such as the Wii which can be used as a way to exercise while having fun.

  • No, I Don't

    A computer game will not teach a kid basic reading skills or give them information on what's going on in the real world. It will make them obsessed with games and needing to be on the computer at all times. Kids need to be learning and progressing in life, not tearing down what they already know because they are wasting away in the gaming world.

  • No I disagree.

    Though we improve on our reflexes by video games we spend a lot of time in damaging our eyes and brains. Whereas reading the black print on a simple white of a book in silence is much less stressful for our eyes and brains.Some parents do not impose ant time limit or are unaware of what their child plays and none of the children pick to play skill enhancing or educational games. Children tend to follow the characters of the games and get more aggressive and hyperactive. Video games and the skills obtained from them are just superficial. So I am in favor of the books

  • No way !!!

    VIDEO GAMES do NOT improve eye-hand co ordination. They make you lazy and fat. They make you dumber and it doesn't even help in problem solving and strategizing; those are just excuses to play video games. In reality, all people care about is stuff like "Oh my godd look at that baby (car). Or damn, she's sexy" (some evil girl villian) or whoah! Did you see the way I killed that guy? Or "haha you can't even handle a gun i did 49 kills in this minute!" or "I owned arsenal 5-0!!"(or whatever). It damages your eyes and brains and strategizing is learnt in various ways through books (eg encyclopedia brown, the hunger games or pretty much any strategy book) where you actually learn strategy. And let's face it; NOBODY plays "educational games" instead they get addicted to action games. Books also use logic!! In video games all one ever does is kill 7 bad guys with one blow, eat food directly from the streets, jump 5 times their own height, heal from gun wounds in seconds etc. It's nonsense! You don't even build on your imagination because everything is visually right in front of you! Money saving? No way! In video games money comes to you by destroying people or items and collecting coins. Or by buying resource generators and collecting the money produced every day. It's hardly similar to real life! In reality you gotta WORK for your money and only then will you even have any money to save! Plus, in video games your money is in a big box kept at the centre of your base or whatever and in reality money is distributed everywhere! Investments, Stocks, Bank (interest) etc. It's very different to life! In video games, your car lands on a lucky draw and BOOM you are rich! In life about 99.9999% that will NOT happen. While books, books explain all that. Some books talk about handling money in a practical way! And OK, video games have (a tiny tiny bit of) potential, but NOBODY USES IT nor will anyone!! It's the truth!!!
    Video games have NO skills that books don't give, and the skills books give are always better. So if video games don't provide any skills, so why are we considering the debate topic that the skills are equally important? Topic over.

  • No, the learning is different.

    Growing up I learned majority of my reading skills from video games. The vivid words with fancy vocabularies and mystical worlds inspired my imagination. RPG's take players through an story just as a book would but the level of reading would be the same as a comic book not a true novel. Though, video games can give great story and create an atmosphere of a mystical world there is so much more a book can give. Literary skills, patients, and the enhanced ability to read. In a video game you read up to a page worth of information at a time. An example would be the conversation between Ike and Soran in Fire Emblem. While with a story you gain far more reading experience due to the quantity of it.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-08-29T03:40:11.957
There are too many variables going on in here. If you play garbage games you'll learn garbage. If you read garbage books you'll learn garbage. If you play video games geared towards education or games that present a historic significance then you'll learn more. If you read a good book you'll learn more.