Are the terms B.C. and A.D. disrespectful of non Christian religions?

  • Yes I am offended by b.c. and A.D. because it revolves around Christ's birth

    It makes it seem like there is only one true religion even though there are many. It also makes it seem like time revolves around Christ even though it doesn't. It can easily be switch to another meaning with the same letter's like b.c.e. can stand for before common era.

  • Religious Affiliation Shouldn't Matter.

    We live in a world of multiple religions and identities. When I see AD and BC, it usually doesn't bother me, until I realize that it is there to reflect one single religious idea that I personally don't believe in. It mocks me. It makes B.C. Sound like primitive times, when really, we could've revolutionized in "Ancient Rome".

  • It gives the impression that it is a fact that Jesus existed,

    And there is no solid evidence to support this, especially not scientifically credible evidence. I believe a new date system should be made maybe with a start date of ancient historical relevance, that is scientifically proven to have happened. I also find it offensive to people of other religions and especially to atheists.

  • Yes. B.C. and A.D. are disrespectful to non Christian religions.

    This is the new world we live in now! We can't have anymore of this BC/AD stuff going around. Satan is alive and well and soon you will all bow before him as your petty lives hang in the balance of his appocolypse. It's inevitable. Lets all now worship the wicked leader and only true God. HE loves us.

  • It's disrespectful towards other religions.

    It's disrespectful towards other religions. Not only that, it actually means suppressing other religions. I feel it's better to use B.C.E. and C.E. if one thinks in terms of equality of all religions.
    We have only one God & we are one family. Love of God equals respecting others' religions.


  • It's the 21st century - be politically correct.

    It has never bothered me before but now the world is becoming more culturally diverse and I feel it is not acceptable to use a specific religion to date stamp. Can we please get into the 21st century and use something more generic. I am not discouraging any religions; I just feel for the non-christians.

  • Atheist

    I don't find it disrespectful, we just need a more scientific way to measure time. I feel stupid when I say 'before Christ' because in my opinion there was no Christ, so it just feels wrong and i think if you're not a Christian then you shouldn't really say it.

  • Reference to History and Modern Day should be secular

    We just need to replace BC with BCE = Before Common Era and AD with CE= Common Era. The events of history are just that, events, and should not be centered around any religion. Though they may just be letters that we use without thinking they still denote a type of superiority based on the Christian religion which is irrelevant to history in general.

  • I believe that the terms B.C. and A.D. are disrespectful to non-Christians, but I don't believe that changing dating methods will result in world harmony.

    The terms B.C. and A.D. are constructs of the Christian church and, as such, are non-inclusive of different faiths. However, I don't believe that devising a new system of dating would solve any problems or lessen religious discord. There are definitely bigger problems at hand in the world of religious discrimination.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • It can be seen as disrespectful to use the terms B.C. and A.D. to non Christians.

    B.C. stands for "before Christ," and A.D. stands "ad domini" which actually means "in the year of our Lord," though many people refer to it as "after death." By this context of recording history, it is indeed a Christian date keeping system, serving to divide time into Christian beliefs. For someone who does not practice Christianity, it may very well be disrespectful to them to have to conform to a religious date keeping system that they don't even follow. I bet Christians would not be happy with having to use an Islamic measuring system. We accept B.C. and A.D. as the way we track years and take it for granted, but the truth is that it is a Christian concept.

    Posted by: gwynisin
  • B. C. And A. D. Are optional.

    You're not forced to use the terms B. C. Or A. D. , You can use B. C. E. And C. E. Instead. If it was something that was enforced so that everyone had to use it, Then yes, It would have to be changed. B. C. Is just something that Christians and people who don’t care about the meaning of it can use. It's optional.

  • Get a life

    Who gives a monkeys. If you have the time to consider BC and AD to be offensive then you have too much time on your hands. To non-christians it is just a convenient way to keep track of time. To christians it's important. I am not religious at all but historically something happened two thousand and eighteen years ago.

  • I Live In You

    I like to play pokemon go but sometimes i am unable to catch a pokemon but that never stops me from living in your stomach but once i lived in your hat and it was a very good hat and i liked that hat and thats why no religions are offended by this

  • I Live In You

    I like to play pokemon go but sometimes i am unable to catch a pokemon but that never stops me from living in your stomach but once i lived in your hat and it was a very good hat and i liked that hat and thats why no religions are offended by this

  • It's alright like

    Right, here's the story. It is just a name calm the flip down. Yes, there are different religions and non religious people etc, but that is how it was in history and that is how it should be forever. Except the moon, it should be renamed "meme". October should also be renamed "Halloween". Thank you, and good day, soldier.

  • BC-AD is perceived as "Gate folded" Not Linear Sequential

    Time in history is viewed in an awkward Gate Folded style, Meaning, literally like a spread. The center is zero and the numerical value which actually dates the time period increases going left or right. Time is not perceived this way, ever, when you think of it on a personal level. Time is Always Sequential and Linear when spoken about on a universal scale. Learning this way as a child is also very confusing. The only time numbers go two directions from 0 is when one is negative. The ideals surrounding the formation of how we perceive history are unfortunately created by mass religious/scientific correlation - in which there is none. Time is and should be viewed as a linear secular historical universal timeline.

    Pretty basic.

  • Its your decision to reject the truth

    Its your decision for not accepting your creator. You have made a choice for yourself and we do not need to change anything for non believers. You should just be respectful and spoiled and retaliate by trying to change what is the truth because you dont like it. I believe most of you feel condemned by your own conscience and thats why you try so hard to remove God but He can not be removed He will always be who He is.

  • Yes and No.

    I can see how non-christians might be offended by AD and BC. However, I can also see how Christians are offended by CE and BCE.
    Since someone is always going to be offended, we may as well stick with tradition. If we start changing history to avoid offending anyone, it will never stop. If a Christian or Muslim is offended by the names of the days of the week since they are derived from "pagan" gods, should we change those too?
    People need to get over these petty little offenses.

  • What difference would it make?

    Regardless of whether you call it AD or CE as some have suggested in an attempt to be politically correct, you are still measuring time from the year Jesus (supposedly) was born, no matter what you decide to call it. So unless we change the current progression of years to begin at another iconic event in time then calling it BCE and CE or anything else will make very little difference.

  • Of course not.

    People are being oversensitive and try too hard to be "politically correct" in recent times. It's not a matter of "are you Christian or not?" but a matter of "do you want to use the dating system we have always used or change it so a few people aren't offended?"
    While some might find the system offensive because it doesn't champion their personal religion over others, most people should just accept it for what it is, a system that provides a reference for the timeline of history; most people do.

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