Are the Trump Plaza Associates' line of casinos an embarrassment to Donald Trump's name and legacy?

  • a black spot in Trump

    Donald Trump has a long and very successful career. His name itself is a brand in today's business. But Trump plaza Associates line of casinos have flied against bankruptcy which as given him new headaches and challenges for him. It has left him wondering and made him embarrassed in his long serving career.

  • Yes, the Trump Plaza Associates are an embarassment to Donald Trump's name

    In an age where the reputation associated with a brand name can mean the difference between failure and millions or even billions of dollars in sales, maintaining the integrity of a brand identity is obviously of primary concern for any serious businessman. Given this fact, one can't help but think that maybe Donald Trump regrets his business association with the leadership at Trump Plaza Associates. Since selling a line of casinos bearing his name to the company, Trump's involvement with the operation has been limited to receiving royalties for the use of his name. Apparently, though, management has been doing a very poor job without him, since recently a number of these casinos have consecutively filed for bankruptcy. Surely Trump must now be wishing that he had either never sold the casinos or at least maintained greater oversight over their management, and avoided the tarnishing of his otherwise powerful brand with these failures.

  • It's not his fault...

    The Trump names have been on the two casinos (Plaza; Taj Mahal) since they first opened in the 1980s. Trump Entertainment Resorts owns both properties, however Donald has played less of a part in the casinos day-to-day operations since he resigned as CEO of that company in 2009 (the company filed for bankruptcy that year). He even asked for his name to be taken off the marquis recently, but I think that's more for legal purposes and not due to the failure of his former entities. So, I don't think it's an embarrassment of him, it's just the times that have changed. Casinos are opening up all over the place, in nearby Philadelphia, New York, Maryland, Delaware, etc.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Nothing Can Embarass Trump More Than Trump

    Donald Trump's name and legacy are already as overblown as his ego. He has made his money off of taking out loans and debts, and his projects are always financed to the hilt. His casinos are just another in the long line of hotels, office towers, golf courses, and entertainment offerings that make him continue to look foolish.

  • These casinos are not an embarassment

    These casinos are not an embarrassment. This is because Trump's personality is "out there," and almost nothing can really make him look bad. Also, business reputations are made, then change, then experience scandal, then regulate again, and the bad news is eventually forgotten. There isn't much that can break a company that is intent on surviving.

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