• Yes, Times Have Changed

    I feel that the US and Israel are headed for a conflict. Whether or not it will be soon is debatable and how large is as well. The US has traditionally supported Israel, but it has also traditionally been more conservative than liberal. The US has slowly started to trend more liberal. Times change, and I think the overall US opinion is changing as well.

  • The United States and Israel: Two Undying Allies

    Historically, the US and Israel have been close allies ever since the creation of the Israeli state in 1948. Through all the wars Israel has been through with other Arab states in the Middle East, the United States has always provided support in one way or another. Therefore, in any conflict that Israel faces in contemporary times, the state should expect to have the support of the US.

  • No, we would not attack Israel

    The US would not attack Israel and start a war. We are allies for the most part and the US no longer directly involves itself in conflicts between other nations. If action was ever needed, the US would work through the UN as we have done several times recently with uprisings.

  • I would hope not.

    Although the Jewish lobby in the States is not as powerful as it once was, I'm sure there are enough people in the US that have common sense, I can see American aid for Israel stopping one day, hopefully a long time away though , Liberals and pro Muslim groups should not have their way, but unfortunately the Modern American and British liberals are to naive to understand these things.

  • Israel and US are on the same side

    The United States has shown continual support, both politically and militarily, toward Israel. The recent uprisings in the middle east do not reflect what will happen in Israel so there is no worry of US intervention. Israel has been our ally since it was created after WWII, and there is no evidence to support that it is thinking of doing otherwise.

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