Are the U.S. presidential candidates offering concrete plans on how to deal with the escalating violence of ISIS?

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  • I don't actually seen anyone coming up with a concrete plan.

    From what I have seen of the Presidential Candidates so far no one seems to be coming up with any concrete on how to combat ISIS and the violence. Oh many of them seem to want to thrash the way the President Obama has handled the crisis but none of them seem to come up with anything that is workable. What little has been said about what should be done has come across as offensive such as not allowing anyone of Muslim decent into this country.

  • There's a lot of rhetoric but not a lot of good ideas.

    The Republican presidential candidates in particularly are very gung-ho on the topic of ISIS. However, outside of pledges to 'cut off' the organisation's 'head' these plans do not tend to have a great deal of substance to them. The presidential candidates certainly are not urging greater international cooperation or measures to stabilise the region in general which are necessary to truly defeat ISIS.

  • None of them give solutions

    The GOP candidates seem to only point fingers and judge what the president is doing. No one has offered any viable solutions to shutting down ISIS, except maybe "carpet bombing" them, which will kill innocent civilians. Try sending photos home of dead babies and see how quickly the public turns on you. The democrats pretty much just line up behind the president. There are no new innovative ideas from any of these candidates on what to do with the world's most lethal terrorist group.

  • There is no concrete way to deal with them

    You can't really blame presidential candidates for not offering concrete plans on how to deal with a group like ISIS that constantly changes tactics and escalates violence beyond what we are used to dealing with. Democrats are at least offering some types of plans, the Republicans saying we're going to just go in and kill them all might appeal to some, but it's not a plan.

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