• ​As fair as Anything Else in Life

    It's just like anything else in life. Who said life is fair? Initially, the rules seem fair/make sense, but as time marches on in the competition, competitors will cry foul over and over again because they are not winning the contest. For one reason or another, competitors will claim the other side is displaying unfair procedures. And so it goes.

  • You are fighting, rules are rules

    Whether the rules of the mew system are fare or not, does not really matter in my opinion. You are an ultimate fighter and therefore understand the consequences of the actions that take place in the cage or ring. I understand that there are rules with regards to safety but my theory is, don't like it, don't fight.

  • Yes, I think that the rules are fair.

    Yes, I think that the Ultimate Fighter: 20 cast rules are fair because when this first came out I scanned over all the rules as I am a non rule breaker kind of girl so I like to watch for that stuff and I agreed with all the rules and thought that they were all decent.

  • Yes, the Ultimate Fighter: 20 rules are fair

    The cast rules for Ultimate Fighter: 20 are fair as this gives the first chance for women's MMA to attain the same level of exposure and quality as men's MMA. In a sport that is extremely male-dominated, it is certainly fair to have different rules that permit female pioneers to compete at a high level.

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