• Unemployed should seek work offered.

    I truly support the ideal of the unemployed taking a job they know they can get. When times are hard and bills need to be paid, one thing will stop you fast in your tracks, no money coming in. Too many unemployed count on the Unemployment checks to cover them until "a good job" comes along. Sometimes we can't get the job we want, we have to take the job we can get to evolve ourselves past living off of government checks, no checks, or family and friends. Unless you are a Union worker, if you are unemployed with or without unemployment benefits, you should have to take a job that is given you until you an find something better or until you are more qualified to the standard of work you seek. No reason to be picky or let your family suffer.

  • There benefits of taking any job are underwhelming

    By taking any job, you are essentially moving yourself down the food chain. If you need a menial job to feed yourself and a family of 5, then you have no choice. If you are single and have the means to wait for a more appropriate job, then you should wait.

  • No, the unemployed aren't.

    If you have a very good job and have recently been laid off of a company for reasons beyond your control that have nothing to do with negative job performance, you should not be obliged to take any job you can get. Those without an education and who have never worked should be obliged to.

  • No, the unemployed are not obliged to take any job they can get

    In many cases, the financial difference between unemployment and low wage jobs is negligible. For example, in the state of Georgia, unemployment pays around 350 dollars per week. A low wage job may pay 9 dollars an hour, which in a forty hour work week, only pays 360 dollars per week. No one should be obligated to work for a net forty cents an hour higher than they would make by not working.

  • Different unemployment types

    No, you are not obliged to take any job that you can get just because you are unemployed. If you are a professor with a doctarates degree, and you get fired, then you should not have to take a job at WalMart just because it is open. You should wait.

  • No, it is smarter to let them find suitable jobs

    Eventually, poverty will force an unemployed person to take
    any job he or she can get. Before that grim day arrives, every job seeker is
    entitled to try to find a position that suits his abilities and tastes as well
    as possible. That way, with any luck a formerly unemployed person will not have
    to look for a job again for a while.

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