Are the United Kingdom's austerity measures good (yes) or bad (no) for the overall fiscal health of the country?

  • It's good for us

    Yes, the United Kingdom's austerity measures good (yes) for the overall fiscal health of the country because if you think deeper. People are helping save money for the government so that the government can help provide us with better and work efficiently on our other public goods that needs to be attained to and people need to think about this fact a little deeper.

  • They have to act while they can.

    Yes, the United Kingdom's austerity measures are good, because the United Kingdom can fix their problems before they end up like Greece. Ultimately, a nation, just like a family and household, cannot spend more than they make and expect to survive. The United Kingdom has some time to fix their mess before their people really suffer.

  • They need to address the issue.

    Yes, the United Kingdom's austerity measures are good for the overall fiscal health of the country, because the United Kingdom is wise to address the problem before it becomes a crisis. Now, the UK still has time to fix the problem. If they wait until it is too late, they will be like Greece.

  • They are good.

    The United Kingdom's austerity measures are good for the overall fiscal health of country, not bad. Without this, the United Kingdom's economy would remain stuck in a rut, and would not experience a lot of growth for quite some time. So yes, the austerity measures are a good thing for their economy.

  • I believe that this is not right and people should not have to go through this.

    This is bad because for one people are going to be working more works and still getting little to nothing income. Also there would be an increase in taxes, but how will those people pay their taxes if their income is hardly nothing. The United Kingdom is making it hard on their people to make it easy on their selves.

  • The austerity measures are bad for the overall fiscal health of the country.

    It is bad for the country because it takes away citizens welfare, aids, and public health services. From the article I read today, it says "Austerity measures require changes in government programs: limit the terms of unemployment benefits, extend the eligibility age for retirement and health care benefits." This shows the ways that the government would take away from the citizens that would make the austerity measures bad for the community. Some other austerity measures that would make it a bad thing would be "...Cutting the government jobs, lowering minimum wage, and targeting tax fraud and tax evasion." The government should take away certain things from the rights of the citizens. It is a bad thing to take away from the elderly because they have worked for their welfare and their retirement fee, and the government wants to take it away. This is bad because it does not benefit citizens, instead it might cost a lot of poverty rates to increase.

  • The United Kingdom's austerity measures are a ticking time bomb that will eventually do more harm than good as it original attended.

    Austerity in itself is a very risky move to made by a government due to the massive amount of effects it can have on the citizens public goods, but it has a very big indent on the economic stress that a citizen feel from their country with the raising budget cuts that are brought from austerity.

  • Austerity Measures are killing the economy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its horrible and completely unethical,I'm saying this because now the elderly have to wait longer to retire.Civilians incomes are decreasing and their taxes increasing.It makes no sense because the government is messing with peoples lives.How could they even think about such things like cutting minimum wage or increasing work hours.People have children to take care of .How could the government do such a thing and expect the civilians to fix it.Our trust was put in your hands.#take back the UK #Spankme

  • The austerity is inequitable.

    The United Kingdom´s austerity measure is bad overall for the country. If an unfit or bad economy need to be stimulated then I think the austerity is not the way to go. Itś kind of like the good is suffering for the bad. Think of all the people who are being hurt financially. Already having a low income but paying more taxes. Think about the hardworking parents, the young, disabled, and the elderly. With the little bit of money they will not be able to pay bills or take care of their families.

  • Austerity isn't a good thing for the United Kingdom.

    This is because austerity measures lead to higher taxes, lower wages and less jobs for the people. Austerity also leads to businesses becoming privatized, like transportation. If all of these things are taken away then the citizens wouldn't be able to pay for anything and eventually end up being poor.

  • The United Kingdom's austerity measures are not good for the the overall fiscal health of the country.

    The minority people are effected really bad by austerity. According to "2017:The year the full effects of austerity are felt," by Natalie Bloomer, it says, "Benefits were slashed, vital support services lost their funding, libraries reduced their opening hours, and some of the most vulnerable people in the country relied on food banks to get by." Also according to that article, "In total, 57,750 households were accepted as homeless in 2015/16, up by six percent from the year before." This shows that instead of things getting better like they wanted, things are getting worse.

  • Austerity Hurts The Country

    I chose no because austerity in badly affecting citizens in the UK. People are receiving a lower income than they are supposed to. Also, people are losing their jobs. Since taxes are increased, people with lower incomes have trouble paying them off. People with low incomes will have trouble paying bills, feeding their families, buying clothes, and other essential things. Also, the poor won't have any benefit at all.

  • I am against Austerity.

    I am against austerity because it seems to hurt people more than it helps people. Austerity changes comes with to many changes that some people can't meet the needs of. Austerity cuts jobs, lower or eliminate the minimum wage, and also cut programs for the poor. There are way too many con's that comes along with Austerity. People are losing their jobs and cant afford bills in there own house hold.

  • The United Kingdom's austerity measures are bad for the overall fiscal health of the country

    The United Kingdom's austerity measures are bad for the overall fiscal health of the country because it's not actually helping the country it's just damaging the country because austerity measures are basically trying to help just the government because they're were in debt, but that's their problem and that's their fault. #SpankMe

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