Are the use of demonstrations to protest against systemic racism warranted given the global pandemic we are currently in?

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  • Systemic racism where?

    The current media narrative on "systemic racism" centers on black/white in the US. The US had systemic racism, But that has significantly improved since the 1800s and is now isolated among hate groups.

    It's an election year in the US and the global liberal media needs to seize on this moment to make a need for change so people vote for their candidate. The death of Floyd and others are pretty uncommon, But will continue to happen. If this happened to a white guy there would be no news about it, Because the liberal media itself needs people to be labeled by color so they can continue to control them.

  • It depends on what type of protest it is.

    There is no justification for violent protests. Even the death of George Floyd doesn't justify violent protests. However, If we are talking about a peaceful one, Then yes, Peaceful protests are justified even in a pandemic because the audacity of an officer having his knee pressed on someone for 8 minutes if horrifying.

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