Are the vast majority of people woefully uneducated in potentially important issues, preferring to scream misconceptions?

Asked by: DisKamper
  • Very much so.

    Most people have very little education in a variety of subjects. Some that I notice are economics, computer science and history. I find that many people don't take into account economic feasibility into many of there ideas. Most people lack the most basic understanding of computers people have replaced the word magic with electricity. History is vitally important to politics and understanding our world in general, for example if you want to tell me saying Nicholas wasn't white because he was living in Turkey you're gonna have to realize that that Turkey has a long history and that there is no definitive border between Europe and the rest of the Asian continent. Let alone that throughout most of recorded history Turkey has been controlled and occupied by Europeans Greeks primarily. Saint Nicholas was of geek ancestry making him Caucasian. Although people in in the middle east are often considered Caucasian anyway.

    Most people follow the popular narrative and don't question out as long as the story is compelling.

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